What's everyone's problem with Pauly Shore?

I just don’t get it. Granted, I’ve not seen much of him, due to the fact that everyone in my household tells me to turn the channel when anything resembling him turns up. The Simpsons have gone so far as to put him on a rocketship to the sun. Why? I watched Encino Man (Mmmm, Sean Astin) recently, and LOVED it…am I alone in this world?

I used to have a problem with Pauly Shore. Then I saw hin on Politically Incorrect and he actually sounded intelligent. Problem was everybody else treated him like he was a twit. I felt bad for him. I think he has been given a bad rap.

Heeheehee. Pauly Shore :smiley:
He’s no Oscar Award winner, but I love his movies. He makes me laugh. Especially Son-In-Law. Oooh, and Bio-Dome was a lot of fun too. Stupid, but fun.
But what does it say about me (not to mention my sense of style) that in my early highschool years he and Blossom were my idols? sigh The early 90s were…they just were.

! Blossom kicks much butt. Or…did…

“Well, he’s got the buff spikes chillin’ on top of his melon, obviously bro, and–dude, he’s checking her cheeks! oh oh!–and he’s got his own personal holding company full of fundage, bro, that he weases off of me. He has 18-inch bi’s–mine are only 4–plus he walks like this.
[struts in a manly fashion] The nugs fully lose it.”

I don’t care how smart you are, you won’t sound it when you speak like that, which he’s done every time I’ve ever seen him. Maybe Bu-uhdy needs to chill on the talkage. Perhaps if he expanded his choice of role we could make a better judgment: consider Keanu. It would have been unfair to judge him solely based on the Bill and Ted films. Correct, but unfair.

Or, y’know, he could get on Celebrity Jeopardy. It did wonders for Cheech Marin.

He’s like Carrot Top, only without props. Pauly Shore is a very one-note performer, who wore out his welcome years ago.

When I saw him on PI, he tended to play into his image acting confused or disinterested when someone made a serious point. Even to the point of bewilderment when Maher would attempt to “explain” to him what words he claimed he didn’t know meant. If it’s an act - let it drop some time, Pauly. If it’s not - go away.

Can I use that in a sig or away message? I’ll credit you.

Pauly Shore isn’t an idiot, the “Dude” persona is just a character he does for his comedy.

That said, I’ve never particularly cared for his style of comedy.

Interesting to note: Pauly Shore is the son of Sammy and Mitzi Shore, founders of the legendary L.A. comedy club, The Comedy Store.

So Pauly has grown up around some of the greatest comedians the 70’s and 80’s had to offer. You’d think some of that would have rubbed off on him, eh?

I’ve enjoyed every Pauly Shore movie I’ve ever seen, which would be Encino Man, Son-in-Law, Jury Duty, In The Army Now, and Bio-Dome.

Jury Duty did it for me.

I will admit-when I was younger (junior high/high school), I LOVED Pauly Shore. Especially Encino Man. (although that was more for Brendan Fraser).

Now, he’s just…annoying.

LOL, go ahead. I don’t see any particular brilliance to it, but feel free!:slight_smile:

Interesting to note??!!? This precisely WHY many people can’t stand him. The only reason you have ever heard his name is because of his mother and her club. Jury Duty is her fault.

I saw him live once, in the very early '90’s.

Pauly’s most obvious problem as a stand-up was his reliance on, dude, way too many jokes about fellatio and skanks. Fundamentally, though, his whole persona could be boiled down to cluelessness, crudeness, a universal sense of contempt, and a particularly sado-masochistic expression of misogyny.

Plenty of stand-ups deal with sex in funnier ways. I think the thing they have in common, generally, is a sense of empathy with other members of the human race and a certain generosity in their outlook. Better stand-ups (Robin Williams, say) tend to deal with sex in a light-hearted and evenhanded way that helps keep their audience “with them” even when they threaten to go too far.

[hijack] I just saw her in one of those Where Are They Now shows. She is working on her Ph.D. in neuroscience (don’t remember where) and directing a Jewish choir at the college.

Go, Mayim. Great to see a child star actually do something productive with her life.

Thanks for that bit of knowledge, Brynda!

From the first time I saw him on MTV as a VJ, I loathed him as the Weasel.

He is not funny, IMHO, and I think the sun is too good to fire that annoying manufactured personae.

I like Encino Man. The others, not so much. But that still beats Carrot Top.

Watching my dog take a dump on my neighbor’s driveway while my neighbor’s trying to mow the lawn beats Carrot Top.

No. Carrot Top, in his standup, is nothing more than a harmless prop comic. SOME of his stuff is funny-like the time he stole a sign that said Crime Watch to prove a point (how did he get the sign if they had a crime watch-shouldn’t they have seen it?)

But he’s never been misogynist or creepy like Da WEEEZZZ-EEEEL!!!