What's feels the best? YET ANOTHER Thread for the guys.

I’ve been having a debate with a friend at work.

He says scratching an itchy sack feels the best.

Nuh-uh, I say. Scratching an itchy butthole feels better. Especially if you have to walk. Nothing like an itchy ass while you’re walking.

No, the sack is better. Nothing beats a pinch and roll on the sack.

So, I’m putting this up to you all. What’s the best? Scratching an itchy sack, or an itchy ass?


Pointless, just damned pointless…

Sack , no question.

Mmmmm… all this talk about sacks and asses is making me hungry! :rolleyes

disgusting… but if I had to pick, I’d go with sack.

Men… you guys are disguesting!!

That’ll teach me to peek when it says for men only! :eek:

Ass, but usually I go with the one that dosent smell bad afterwords, and that would be my sack.

Neither. Scratching yer foot, thats best.

depends…does MRS beagledave get to do the scratching?

If your ass itches, you probably need to take “Butt Wiping: 101” Scratching that area also makes you look like a stereotypical plumber…I’m going to have to say the sack on this one. Not that it looks too much better, but at least you don’t have to worry about tread marks. (I’d like to apologize to every female that reads this…)

Makes no difference where the itch is. When you scratch it, it feels GOOD !! But given that only two options were given, I’d have to say, uh, sack. I have to agree with DG#5, if the other end itches, you need to re-take “Butt-wiping 101”. :D:D

I’m with Demi as well. An itchy ass just makes we want to go rewipe. Sack-scratching is so much more socially acceptable.

I’m eating as I write this.

There are legitimate medical reasons for needing to scratch your ass that do not mean you’re a sloppy wiper. Try hemorroids. (Okay, maybe you don’t want to try them.) No I don’t have them.

Whatever itches, scratching it feels best. Though you want something really uncomfortable, try an itchy dick.

Of course I’m in the middle of a round of poison ivy right now that has me wearing raw spots on my hands and wrists. Thank goodness for Lanacane. (I was using Ivy Dry, but didn’t find any at the store tonight.)

Give me a good sneeze anyday…

Ang, don’t feel bad, I looked too. MEN ! :eek:

Ah, give it up, Ayesha, we all know you scratch your womanhood whenever the need demands it…

Anyway, I think everyone’s missing the most obvious respons… YOU’VE GOT TWO HANDS! SCRATCH BOTH!

Morons, all of you!

Definitely, sack. I’ve never really had a strong itch on my butthole though, so maybe I’m a little bias. But, man, scratching that sack once you’re out of the public eye, damn it feels good!

Scrote scratch, first thing in the morning.

I am a VERY thorough buttwiper, and I am here to tell you all that pristine asses can itch just as well. And I’m with Homer. An itchy ass is the best to scratch.

Come to think of it, my sack never itches that much.

Wrong Spoofer, My womanhood never itches, and if it did I still wouldn’t scratch it because I don’t know where it is.
I am, after all a sweet, innocent woman. :stuck_out_tongue:

{b] Now bite me ** :wink:

I say scratch ya sack…oh it feels so good!! :smiley:

Always feels better when you can get someone else to do the scratching for ya.