What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Frozen cheese+jalepeno tamales from Costco.

Beef stroganoff, snap peas and mandarin oranges.

More beef empanadas, a few glasses of Malbec and some sea salt dark chocolate.

I sampled those today. Pretty tasty.

I just had a snack plate of some deli roast beef, a bit of cheese, bagel chips, antipasti, that sort of thing. Hit the spot, it did.

Penne in a nice sauce with sausage, with salad and a bottle of Chianti. We ate pretty late and while eating I asked my gf, “where did the day go?”

I was doing the dishes when I heard her in the living room, laughing.

I wonder if there should be a 2022 thread?

Last night we went out for Greek food. We tend not to go all the way to Bellingham to eat, so we don’t get to have Greek food often. For some reason, when we do go for Greek food, it’s at the other Greek place on the other side of the city. Last night we went to the closer one.

We each started with an ‘Ouzo Sunrise’ or ‘Santorini Sunset’ – Ouzo, orange juice, and grenadine. Our server didn’t know what they were called, but she said they knew how to make them. My wife ordered feta & olives (with tomatoes and pepperoncinis), and I ordered keftedes with tzatziki for appetisers. We could have made a meal out of just those. (Oh; to be clear, we did share.)

She ordered beef dolmades with the Greek salad for dinner, and I ordered lamb souvlaki with Greek salad. I asked for veg instead of potatoes, and got broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. The Greek salads were different from others I had. Just tomatoes and cucumbers, with an enormous pile of feta on top, and one olive. I mean there was at least half of a cup of feta on these side-salad sized salads. I ate all of mine. Mrs. L.A. took a bit of dolmades and said, ‘Greek meat loaf. It’s comfort food.’ She ate two of the five on her plate. I ate half of my skewered lamb (less one piece that Wifey ate), and all of my vegetables except for the carrots. We each had another drink.

Leftovers!, Oh, I love leftovers. We have about half of our appetisers, about half of our dinners, and more than half of the Wife’s salad. That makes four meals in total (two meals each for two people). Dinner, drinks, and a $20 tip came out to just under $120.

I’ve poached a chicken breast in a miso inspired broth and will be using that to make chicken and biscuits. Gonna toss in some carrots and peas and some slurry to thicken it up, then make some cheddar biscuits. From a mix, cuz I’m feeling kinda lazy.

Roast chicken, baked sweet potatoes, and coleslaw. Mandarin oranges for later.

Leftover Greek food tonight. Having an ouzo.

Was feeling lazy and needed to go to the wine store anyway, so ordered one of my favourite takeout foods that I mentioned upthread: Singapore noodles. Curried thin rice noodles stir-fried with shrimp, chicken, beef, and onions, with some garlic chili sauce on top. Enough leftovers for several days, which is good because there’s a major snowstorm coming.

It got a bit parky in Houston so we got a fire pit going and drank some beer and watched so e football whilst waiting for the son and his girlfriend to arrive. Then burgers on the grill and some vino tinto.

Made a Primanti knockoff sammich. Pastrami, coleslaw, French fries, and a fried egg on marble rye. Served with Southern Tier 2X IPA.

Lazy dinner tonight.

Baked haddock filets with kosher salt, paprika, tarragon, and lemon slices; and steamed yellow squash. I did have a big slice of feta, too. We both had red wine. (Never drink white wine unless you’re out of red.)

Goo liked the fish and the feta. :heart_eyes_cat:

I’m going to be eating leftover roast chicken for much of the week. Sandwiches, wraps, salad, etc.

Went to brother in laws, were fed grilled cow, Malbec , a Zapata rum after lunch digestif and played with the dog on a glorious blue skies , low humidity, sunny but cool texas winter afternoon.

Steaks were god, wrestling with the Dobie was better.

We made karage chicken and California rolls for Sunday dinner tonight. We made enough that we’ll have leftovers tomorrow, even if I can’t control myself and dig into them for lunch.

We had two leftover lamb shanks. I took off all the meat and my gf made a lamb stew. She also made her sausage and bean soup.

Grilled tuna, American cheese, and jalapeño sandwich on low-carb bread, a big hunka feta, and wine. The Missus ad a dolmade, Greek rice, feta, olives, cucumber-tomato-feta salad, and wine.

I need someone to share a bunch of cabbage rolls with or I’ll be eating them for more days than I care to.

I think they’re pretty tasty, but there does seem to be something wrong with my taste buds, at the moment. :eek:

Can you freeze cabbage rolls?

When I make way too much of something (like coleslaw) I eat it for/with every lunch, dinner, snack.