What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

I dunno. If it’s “just” four pieces of something you like (plus wedge fries!) and it brings you a moment’s happiness … sounds like a good value to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tonight is an attempt to feed myself without creating a buncha leftovers. I acquired a teensy 2-quart slow cooker, and before leaving for work I prepped a wee little pot roast, complete with wee little baby carrots. Maybe 1/2 lb. of beef at the most. Some red wine, a celery stalk, garlic, and two red potatoes.

Success! Smells good, initial tastes are promising. I just stirred in a bit of unflavored gelatin powder (my secret ingredient for thickening :zipper_mouth_face:) and am looking forward to one or two bowlfuls of beefy, vegetable-laden goodness.

With multi grain sourdough on the side.

And no significant leftovers.

Its our 20th wedding anniversary so going to get take out of vast amounts of sushi from our favorite sushi place, champagne and saki.
Work may or may not happen tomorrow.

Frozen lasagna, cucumber salad, and garlic bread.

Tonight finally getting around to doing the ducks which will be rotissried then roughly chopped up ,glazed over with hoi sin sauce 5 spice and then crisped up with sesame oil in a pan, shredded and served with tortilla ( cant find the right pancakes) spring onion cucumber and more hoi sin sauce.

Last night was sous vide prime rib steak surf and turf. Finished in the pan with butter and red pepper flakes. Then added pacific white shrimp, and made a sauce with crushed garlic, oak smoked sea salt, black pepper, heavy cream and Hennessey VS. Accompanied that with jacket potatoes and honey and parsley glazed roast carrots. Wine was a 2015 Banfi Brunello de Montalcino with a few pieces of Toblerone that was leftover from the chocolate fondue we had last weekend.

Now that is a feast.

OOh, I would have been all about the sushi if it were an option here.
We only had two meals yesterday because I made eggs benny with scratch hollandaise for breakfast. Cheat day should be worth it.
And that duck was making me drool…

Sounds fabulous!

We had salmon with balsamic glaze, potato salad and sauteed green beans. Blackberries and clementine slices on the side.

Roasted carrots and rutabagas with balsamic glaze, and shrimp with garlic-lemon butter.

Still moving from one house to another. So, last night was our first foray into a local pizza joint. Old Hag’s Pizza’s house special is mighty good. Nice pepperoni, canadian bacon, mushrooms and olives on an excellent New York style crust. Leftovers for breakfast and lunch today. Yeah, we’ll be ordering from them again.

Tonight was our first meal on the new stove, so we went for comfort food. Beef and Noodles! I’m still kind of surprised how tasty something so easy and quick (and fool proof) can be. Brown about a pound of ground beef, seasoning to taste with garlic, salt, black pepper and ginger. Prepare a package of egg noodles (drain them, of course), combine with the beef, and season with worcestershire sauce on your plate. Mmm, calories and flavor.

Crispy duck skin, it’s going to cost me a trip around the sun or two, but so good.

Easy night tonight, frozen battered haddock and fries baked in the oven with mixed veg. Can’t always be super fancy! :grinning:

Not fancy here either, except we had dessert, which is usually not a thing in the romans household.

Dinner was baked chicken tenders, sauteed snap peas, clementines and homemade dinner rolls.

Dessert was the show-stealer: double chocolate sorbetto from the local fancy pizza place and tawny port.

Taco tuesday! Made with mostly substitutions; feta for Cotilla, old cheddar for Oaxaca, plain greek yougurt for the sour cream, Herdez salsa verde, and a dash of shredded cabbage and ground beef. The sauce was a three pepper mix of ancho, pasilla and chipotle powders, mexican oregano, sea salt, garlic and minced onion with a finish of cacao for colour and thickening. An nice tempranillo to wash it down and Haagen Daz vanilla with amerana cherry syrup for dessert. SWMBO had angel food cake garnished the same way as she is not an ice cream buff.

Mixed fancy baby greens salad with homemade dressing, and toast topped with lox and chevre (subbing for cream cheese). Later, some prosecco.

Leftover red beans and rice.

Meat empanadas, home made, ate too many.

Porterhouse steaks, sous vide rare @125F for two hours, then seared, served with air fryer French fries, and coleslaw.

Sophia Loren’s lemon pasta. Been wanting to make it for a couple of days and finally found fresh basil.