What's sexier: innocence or experience?

Take the sexiest person you can think of – Johnny Depp, Carla Gugino, that server at your favorite restaurant. Whomever. The person at the top of your fantasy or freebie list.

Now imagine that he or she’s got a twin.

They’re exactly the same. Except for one thing: one of them is a virgin. One of them has far more sexual experience than you do.

And you, you lucky devil, get to have a sexual relationship with one of those twins. Whatever kind of sexual relationship most turns you on – one-night stand, ongoing trysts, faithful baby-producing marriage. Whatever.

Which quality puts your tray table into the upright position, innocence or experience? Who do you pick, the virgin or the experienced partner? And why?

My choice, which only seems fair to start with: I’ll take the experienced partner. I’ve always had a curious nature, and I’m always eager to learn.


Definitely the experienced one.


Learning together is part of the fun of a new relationship, but I prefer to start with someone who’s at the same level, or above in this case.

Virginity is highly over rated. At least that’s my personal opinion. I will never understand innocence as a turn on. I like the fact that my boyfriend as more experience than I do and wouldn’t like to have a partner that didn’t. Granted that would never be a deciding factor.


I hate having to explain every damn thing.

(Hey! I said no teeth!)

I’m not sexy. :frowning:

So am I the only one who likes a little bit of innocence? I’d probably pick the virgin (and it sounds like I wouldn’t have a lot of competition).

Lemme be the first to say innocence, then. I’ve dated too many experienced men and I now know that “experienced” is a cypher for “tons of baggage that doesn’t stow in the overhead compartment.” Also, it has often turned out that “experienced” means, “slept with lots of people that I know and that’s skeeves me out,” or “has a lot of exes around to make life complicated,” or “is still in love with some woman from his past.”

It’s not that innocence turns me on, per se. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp reek of experience, and they would top my freebie list for each gender, for a one-time throw, not a relationship. Innocence appeals to me as a personality quality-- a non-jaded, untainted view of the world, a vigor, a lack of baggage, a sweetness that is absent from people who have been around the block a thousand times, seen it all and done it twice. It’s not necessarily correlated with sexual history, but frequently is.

“I flinch, I shy, when the lass with the delicate air goes by
I smile, I grin, when the gal with a touch of sin walks in.
I hope, and I pray, for a Hester to win just one more A
The sadder-but-wiser girl’s the girl for me.”

-H. Hill

Experience, but that may have something to do with the fact that it’d get mighty uncomfortable if I were trying to have sex with a virgin. Blind leading the blind, and such.

It depends on the person in question. Some people are innocent by nature, and finding out that they’ve actually had sex with everybody and his monkey would be a major turn-off. On the other hand, some people carry an attitude of “You are the only man, woman, or vegetable I haven’t yet boinked. Worship me.” very well, and it would be just yicky to see a version of them minus that. I don’t find either ideal inherently yummier.

Well I don’t know about a virgin, but I was very turned on by my SO’s lack of experience and it was absolutely wonderful getting to teach him new tricks.

“Puts your tray table into the upright position?” LOVE it! That’s the very first time I’ve heard that metaphor. I don’t have a “tray table” but I’m going to answer anyway.

If by “experience” you mean “talent” then yeah, I’d definitely prefer the talented one. I don’t have the patience for teaching; I tried it once, and didn’t find it very satisfying.

Innocence, definitely. But not complete innocence. Just enough knowledge, and an eagerness to gain more. That’s really sexy to me.

Wow, pretty disheartening to find so many inexperience haters.

If I can interject, since I already answered the OP, the one single thing I find sexiest is enthusiasm.

Hey, in this crazy airplane of life, we all have a tray table in our lap.

This is an interesting thread. “Virginity” gets trotted out so often as a hot hot hot ideal that I was wondering if I was the only person who found experience, itself, to be a sexier quality. I’ll take Angelina Jolie over whatever-sexy-starlet’s-turning-18 any day.

Note, however, that “experienced” doesn’t necessarily mean “ultra slutty” (male or female); just “more experienced than you.” (I suppose it could mean “ultra slutty,” depending on who that’s being compared to…)

In my own autobiography the percentages favor experience. But I gotta say, fervor makes innocence sexy.

One of the, I’m sure many reasons, but still one of the many reasons I got dumped once was because I didn’t want to fuck a girl in the ass.

Extra helping of innocence, please!