What's the best outfit to wear to a brawl?

After watching the trailer for Transporter 2, I have decided it’s a suit and tie, leather shoes. Really, if someone was coming at you with obvious mean intent would you shit yourself worse if he was wearing jeans and a baggy shirt, or looked like a gangster? I would make sure the tie was clip-on though.

I was thinking full plate mail myself.
(if you aren’t allowing chamelion suits, power armor, etc)


An Americal Admiral would say, Carrier Battle Group.

I’ve got virtually zero experience in the subject, but a tie sounds like a big liability in a fist fight. And dress shoes are probably a bad idea, too. Not enough traction. You’d probably be better off either shirtless (nothing for the other guy to grab onto) or wearing a good, thick leather jacket. Steel-toed boots would be a must.

If you’re going to shoot people, a suit and tie is as good as anything else.

But if you’re getting into a brawl - bad idea.

  1. It’s not that scary. It makes you look like you’re more likely to be careful about not damaging the suit, than if you’re wearing something rougher, and therefor less likely to really thow down.
  2. If you prove your opponant wrong, if it’s a GOOD suit, you’ve just ruined a very expensive bit of clothing.
  3. That tie becomes a noose if your opponant gets a hand on it.

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  1. What Miller said about the shoes, too.

From limited experience in real fights and a lot of experience in controlled ones, plus watching people brawl at various places in various stages of my life, I’d have to say that the best outfit to wear would be some sort of tough material pants that are loose in the crotch but tight in the waist and a tight-fitting shirt that’s hard to grab onto, something like UnderArmor. As for shoes—well, it depends. If you’re going to keep your feet mostly on the ground, steel-toed boots would be good. If you plan on doing a lot of kicking, probably wrestling shoes.

Whatever you do, DON’T WEAR SANDALS! I know I’ll get flak for that comment for someone mentioning the VC or some other Far East fighting force, but nothing amuses me more than seeing 19 year old college kids attempt to start a fight, then stop to take their sandals off, then continue fighting in their bare feet.

For shoes, golf cleats. Trust me. :smiley:

I think the shoes would have to be cleats, or at least serious boots–“zombie skull crushers” as me and my friend Adam say when we compare our zombie preparedness plans; steel-toed is a must, and they ought to carry you across hell and high water without tearing apart.

Pink tutu and toe shoes. The tutu rips away if someone tries to grap it, and the resin on the bottom of the shoes provides traction. Plus the toe of a toe shoe is pretty stiff and strong. Bonus points for a silver wand to use to gouge out the enemy’s eye.

Lots and lots of bubble wrap?

And taking a cue from The Incredibles definitely avoid capes.

I like you, that’s great.

If you have the chest for it, there’s a lot of drama in tearing off a t-shirt, I guess.

Aside from that, I’d dress like a spectator. That, or just like the other five cops with you.

Or those rip-away stripper pants. They come in a cop style.

Really loose pants. You can move your leg three feet without them even knowing a kick is coming.

From experience, I can say you do not want to be wearing a backpack with a handle on the top*. That lets anyone behind you grab that and restrict your movement. However the steel toed shoes are very useful in convincing people to let you go…
*I wasn’t expecting to be in a brawl, I just often wear steel toed shoes. And I don’t wear backpacks much anymore.

I don’t know, a suit and tie says, “I’m serious about my work.” It presents a professional image that demands respect. It also says, I’m paid well enough that I don’t have to worry about blood-stains on my armani.

Of course, I’d go with something based on a Cestus for hitting and something that would inflict damage on whoever decided to hit me like, spike studded leather.

Link: http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/6200/6277/cestus_1.htm

I’d like to be wearing my motorcycle gear: helmet, padded pants and jacket, and big ass boots.

Plus, my biking gloves have hard pads over the knuckles, so they would act like brass knuckles.

Stark naked, painted with red and black tiger stripes and waving a katana. That’ll convince people to stay the hell away from you.

Either that, or a fancy suit and a wallet full of cash; “A thousand bucks to whoever caves in this Neanderthal’s skull !”

Something lose and baggy so you can hide your bat/iron bar in there. Seriously, most fights involve someone blindsiding the other guy. Clothes don’t matter much after that.