What's the farthest you've been from your clothes ?

After sitting around the campfire having a few whatevers it occurred to me that from the day you’re born you are always within a couple of feet of your clothes.
Whether you’re in the shower or even on a nude beach, they’re always close by.
After a little persuading, my wife and I decided to go for a drive naked. These were country roads mind you, in the middle of nowhere at about 2am. Nonetheless we were about 5 or 6 miles from our clothes. This is a record as far as the people I’ve asked. Can anyone beat that distance ?

and the state trooper said"?" :confused:

May I use that scenario in a story? It’s great!

How about the guys with the butterfly nets?

As long as the names are changed to protect the indecent.

Well, I did leave a tshirt and pair of socks at a friends house in Germany …

I’ve never thought about it, but no, I’ve never been more than a few feet from some sort of clothing, even if it’s just a bathing suit. Maybe more like twenty or fifty, in a hot tub scenario. Weird.

I don’t like being naked, even when it’s necessary, so on the instances where I am, I am pretty sure my clothes are within a few metres of me. Maybe I’ll be at the other end of the house, but that’s about the extent of it.

Same here. Even times when I’ve been unclad at like, say a party of the BDSM type, there have always been clothes right near by. I’ve never gone on a naked jog or romp or drive.

Maybe 75ish feet, maybe.

we did go streaking as a kid…but we took our undies in hand in case of trouble…ahh the freedom of kidness in the 70’s. :smiley:

Late night skinny dipping in a river. Ended up drifting down stream about half a mile.

Made for a pleasant view walking back in the moon light (both kinds).

Bathing suit left behind by about 1000 feet or so. I love that beach, but there’s always a little fear that when I get back my stuff will be gone. Not just clothes, but room key, money, cards, bus pass, etc. I’d really be screwed.

I’d never thought about it either, but yeah, I’ve never been more than a few feet from at least one set of my clothes.

I love that you thought about this and decided to go for a naked drive just because. :smiley:

A few years ago, my clothes and I were in different buildings. It was all the same hospital, but where I changed out of my clothes and into a gown was a different building where the surgery was done.

What a great question; only on the Dope. :slight_smile:

Only a few feet. I’d be surprised if anyone beats the OP.

Ooh - **gotpasswords **gave me a brainwave. My mom was in a car accident a few years ago, and at some point they cut off her clothes. So she was in her room and her clothes were, well, where ever they keep such personal effects.

Has anyone had their clothes incinerated? (I’ve heard they do such things.) It’s possible then that they’d be miles from their clothes, at least until loved ones brought reinforcements (like we did with Mom).

Oddly enough, she got her clothes back. I do believe that they were laundered. Weird, that - when they cut them off of her, it’s not like they respected seams or anything, so they weren’t fit for anything but rags, but at least they were clean rags.

Skinny dipping at midnight on a private beach at the southern end of Lake Michigan… So, however far it was from the tent to the part of the water where we were.

I will do my best–I don’t know what your names are. :slight_smile:


(I sure hope I don’t accidentally use your real names… but then it’s a long way from “story idea!” to “published story”, so…)

I’ve been known to walk naked from my bedroom to the bathroom when I go to take a shower. That’s a distance of about twenty feet down a hallway in the middle of the house.