What's the latest word on Amazon's next gen Kindle?

Earlier this year, people thought the Kindle 2 was coming out in October. In October, Amazon said it won’t be out til “some time next year at the earliest.”

I haven’t been able to find any reports from later than October '08, but does anyone here know of any further information on its release date?

I want to know whether to buy the current one or wait for the next. :smiley:


I’m keenly interested as well, but after reading a huge number of hands on reviews with the current Kindle, I think I can wait until the next one to come out (whenever it might be) to see if they fix some of the issues that were consistently listed by the reviewers.

I just really hope they keep the wireless free so there’s no monthly subscription. I’d love to be able to do some casual Internet browsing on the go without worrying about data plans or minimum fees.