What's the trick to Persian girls?

White guys are invisible to Persian girls, aren’t they? I’ve had my share of tough projects, extracted my share of Indian/Greek/Chinese girls out from under their daddys’ noses, I’m not completely unskilled when it comes to the more delicate points and imperialistic overtones of interethnic romance.

But damn. This baby. She’s just….mmmm. The chemistry is good, conversation is real and we just laugh, laugh. She’s got this lameass six (!) year engagement to some Persian dildo that bores the hell out of her, you can just read it on her face. She’s given the ring back at least once. She gives me every signal: the pouting, the hair twirling, the do-you-like-my-outfit, the calling me every now and then just, you know, because.

Is there something I’m not doing here, some subtle trick I don’t know for liberating that ass? She’s Western born and raised, avowed atheist and wouldn’t touch a mosque with a ten foot pole so religion can’t be the issue. Or can it? Brick wall here, people.

Either there’s a secret to scoring with Persian girls, or I don’t have a chance and never did. Which is it? Informed opinions desired from either gender with relevant experience, please end my suffering.

Have you, I dunno… asked her out? Made your intentions plain?

I’ve never met any Persian girls, but if they’re as gorgeous as my my male Persian friend is handsome, they must be knockouts. (And yes, I don’t usually look at men and think, “How handsome”. I’m as hetero as the day is long, but I appreciate beauty wherever it can be found.)

But I can offer no advice on liberating the women of your dreams from her self-imposed prison, other than to lay it on the line and say, “I’m serously-interested in you for a long-term relationship (or whatever). But I can’t wait forever. Choose me or choose him.” At least then it would be over.

That being said, there may be family pressure involved. I knew a Portuguese man who married a friend (the stunningly-gorgeous daughter of another friend). They had a child, an adorable dark-eyed boy. His family was against the marriage (“you married an Anglo?”) and somehow prevailed upon him to break hhe marriage and abandon his son. There was a divorce. She remarried, to another of my friends, and is now happy. And let me say that her second husband is more of a father to that little boy than her first husband ever was.

So there may be nothing you can do.

Edit: this is not that different than any other nationality of woman, I guess…

She’s just not that into you.

What makes you so sure that her ethnicity has anything to do with all this?

I have a Persian student worker. She says she won’t date white guys, but has never explained it to any of us. She isn’t particularly religious or anything. It seems to be a cultural preference I suppose.

I’d be really curious to find out why.

The secret is: rub the nipples.

Dude, if you’re at that point, you don’t need any more secrets. You’re in. That’s like saying the secret to hitting a home run is running around the bases.


To the OP: in my (admittedly limited) experience with Iranian families, they’ve struck me as being incredibly insular and just a tad racist. All the older (my parents’ age) Persians I’ve known have loudly despised Arabs, for example - maybe just because they’re tired of being confused for them. Shila, my female Persian friend in high school, wasn’t overtly racist, or didn’t think of herself as such, but would never have considered marrying a non-Persian. Her family would have flipped.

Any chance that some of that is going on?

Have you kissed her? That will give you an answer I think.

She doesn’t consider you marriage material but she enjoys the attention. Don’t hang around-she’s waiting for a rich persian guy who will marry her.

Why would you think there is a secret unique to an ethnicity based on your anecdotal, and limitted, experience with a sample size of one? Unless she is a rug or a cat, by the way, Persian is an unusual way to describe her unless you have only spoken to her in Parsi and have no idea whatsoever which modern country she hails from.

Persians/Iranians are notorious for not marrying outside their ethnicity. Fool around, sure. But marry, no way, unless they’re prepared to cut off all ties with their families.

So let her know that you’re interested in a sex-only relationship with no possibility of anything deeper, and she’ll be all over it.

Or it could be that she’s not that into you.

Couldn’t it be both? 'Cause, y’know, if there was a secret to scoring with this Iranian girl and she was interested in you, she’d tell you what the secret was. Since she hasn’t . . . you do the math.

I dated a Persian girl for a very short time. It was frankly too short for any of the family dynamics to manifest themselves, and I never met any of her relatives.

She was cute, too.

So I have no advice to give you. Sorry. :wink:

Are we talking Persian as in Zoarastrian? They believe that you cannot convert to the religion, you must be born into it and are usually really reluctant to date outside their religion IME. I had a female Persian friend who always bemoaned the lack of selection available to her but, as a memeber of a small and diminishing group, wouldn’t think of dating elsewhere. She (and the beautiful Persian boy i had absolutely no luck with) would meet potential suitors at gatherings just for young Persians.

Is she a Zoroastran? I believe they only marry inside their religion.

The girl I dated was a Shiite.

Is she a Catherine Bell? If she is, you have less of a chance of dating her than winning the PowerBall 3 drawings straight.

I can’t speak for her, but if it were me, talking about me this way on a public message board would pretty much guarantee the opposite would happen.