What's up with Dr. Perper's head? (Anna Nicole Smith medical examiner)

I can’t find an on-line picture right now, but in some of the t.v. shots, the medical examiner in the Anna Nicole Smith case has a wierd bump on his head. Does anyone know why?

Wouldn’t you like to bean a Perper too?

Sorry, here you go. “He was dropped accidentally on his head by his aunt when he was a small child and a blood clot thickened part of his skull.”

Is it too late to investigate said “accident”?

Played football w/o a helmet?
I’ve heard that line “musta’ been dropped on his head as a baby.”, but this is the first actual case I’ve seen.

Here is a picture. It’s not the best shot, but he does look sort of like a conehead. You can click on the image to enlarge it.