What's your guilty fast food pleasure?

well that too!** but ** get yur mind outta the gutter would ya! this is a family board!i want some chicken from popeyes! they gots some bisquits that just don’t quit! not to mention the jumbalaya! yet they don’t deliver :frowning:

so what’s your guilty fast food pleasure? everyone take a drink each time hardee’s or white castle is mentioned!

I like AYCE chinese restaurants myself. There are so many different kinds of chicken to pick from. I can’t think of any fast food foods that really strike me as something I crave. Maybe Taco Bell spicy chicken burritos.

I get Popeyes now and again when I have to get the train at 125th and Park. I gotta quit doing that. I’ve put on 10 lb in 6 mo by not feeling so guilty about food.

At the end of the night out, there is nothing better than cheese and chips (fries). Having said that, since moving to Scotland my drunken snack is often pakora.


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Food Court Chinese, once a month or so.

An occasional big mac - like once a year, maybe.

When I’m in the mood, there’s nothing I like better than parting my lips and gobbling down a big beefy wiener.

Sometimes I eat hot dogs, too.

Heh, Czarcasm changed the innuendo in the title, so now I look like I’ve randomly outed myself…

Won’t be the first time, won’t be the last.

As for mine: McDonald’s fries. Small order only, because they have to be eaten while slightly too hot, as soon as they cool down they’re gross.

I’m so sorry about that-let me see if I can make it up to you, o.k.?

Attention All Dopers! Please disregard jjimm’s previous post about coming out of the closet! Thank you!

Lately it’s been Subway: Twice in the past week I’ve been on my way home from work (or something), haven’t felt like eating anything that was in the house, and have gone to the Subway that’s ridiculously close to my house. The first time I was relatively good, just getting turkey (with lettuce & mayo) on some kind of honey wheat bread, but on the second visit I gave in to my love of their meatball subs.

I like this temptation better than my usual one, though, which is McDonald’s. I hate knowing that the nearby drive-through is open till the wee hours, and that I can get 2 burgers and some fries (I agree with twickster about their temperature) at almost any time … like when I’m coming back from class on a Tuesday at 10:45pm and am feeling too damn lazy to make any kind of dinner for myself. :smiley:

's ok, mate … I think we always suspected… :wink:

umm… micky d’s chicken nuggets.

(Move on, nothing to see here… I’M HIDEOUS!!)


Allsup’s (a convenience store chain in NM and TX) fried meat and bean burritos with their brand of taco sauce and a Diet Pepsi

Sonic cheese fries if I can take them home and put Morton’s Hotsalt on them

Jack in the Box extreme sausage sandwich. Contains approximately a years allowance of saturated fat and cholesterol. But they’re soooo yummy. And they serve breakfast anytime.

Okay, this sounds stupied, but…sushi? It’s probably pretty good for me, but costs enough that I feel guilty when I eat it by myself.

Arby’s Beef 'n Cheddar and curly fries. Yes, yes, I know no one likes Arby’s and it’s even more scandalous because I’m nominally a vegetarian yet sneak a roast beef sandwich every two months…

Chicken McNuggets (with BBQ sauce) and fries.

I have this about once every 4 months or so…

Thanks for clearing that up, sweetie.

Not a problem, dear. :smiley:
As far as the OP is concerned, unfortunately most fast foods are high in carbohydrates and/or sugars(which rules them out because I’m diabetic), but I’m not above picking up a pack of Little Smokies(or a cheap storebrand knockoff) and microwaving them for a quick snack.

I emphatically challenge the notion that Popeye’s Fried Chicken, with a side of red beans and rice, is a guilty pleasure. It is a culinary pleasure. You are now absolved of any guilt you may have.

For me, about once a quarter I crave a Jack In The Box Ultimate Cheeseburger. I wish they still made them the old way without ketchup so I didn’t have to remember to ask for no ketchup.