What's your P.Q. (Pit Quotient)?

What’s your P.Q. (Pit Quotient)?
What I like is the idea of a new SDMB statistic to derive.
Should be fun - no offense is intended here.
(My own view- the statistic is meaningless, but still fun to show and tell :D)

Here’s how to calculate it:
Search by your username on all forums, then again on just the Pit.
Divide the first # of threads returned by the second for your ratio.

What either one is trying to prove or learn, and whether they actualy have is unimportant here.
Please put comments on that debate into this pit thread:** And here’s another one for you, ShakeNbake**

**My ratio is 1:20, somewhat in the middle of this list.


I’m pretty low on the scale, 1/58.9333333333

What a surprise! I thought I’d have a high ratio, but I come in at 1:24. I must have pitted more than I remembered as a newbie, 'cause I rarely venture there now.

Hey! Are you dissin’ me?! Okay, me and you tshirts…in the Pit!

Oh, wait, nevermind. I’m sorry. I guess I just can’t help myself.

:::deep cleansing breath:::


Well, that was interesting…1/12.3125. Higher than I expected.

Mine came out to 1:21.134146634146

I’m not positive that’s totally accurate, as I need to use Match Exact to avoid getting posts by other members (e.g. Gr8Kat, KimKatt, etc.) and I’ve heard that Match Exact is sometimes off on postcount/threadcount.

mine is about 1:34

Mine is much higher than I thought it would be - I think I opened a couple of stupid Pit threads when I started, but it’s just about a nice round number:

15/149 = close enough to 1:10 (including this one)


I don’t like math, it gives me a headache. I only posted once in the pit so you figure it out.

Nope you posted to the pit 2 out of 59 threads, for

I’m 10 pits out of 25 for a stupendous
1 : 2.5

Higher than I expected: 30.1875

I think the post in August was my other half (AKA Spidey) She sometimes forgets to clear the cookies before she posts.


including this post.

Damn, that’s a lot.


A virtual mirror image of Xizor, I come in at 1:58
OK, 1:58.272727272727 to be precise, and yes that means I’ve been there slightly more often than Xizor.

Mine is 1:7.

Don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed.

Mine is 1:20.5, higher than I thought it would be.

Mine is 1:320

Yeesh, maybe I should go down there more.

Or maybe not, I didn’t even swear in the one Pit post I’ve made!

My P.Q. is 0

When I looked at the pit list a couple of times, there was nothing I clicked on, so I guess I’m not ever going to post there.

Well, mine is 1:12 but I also only get a grand total of 1211 posts by me instead of the current (over) 1800. Deleted posts could alter the results for some people by quite a bit.