When did you last tread in shit?

Poll to follow. When did you last tread in shit?

(In an actual, physical, non-metaphorical sense)

And if you want to post in the thread, how did you deal with it (i.e. walk it off, wash your shoes, throw them away, etc)?

It was in my living room. It was dark. I was barefoot. I swore furiously, then washed my foot.

I suppose within the last year. People here usually pick up after their dogs.

As for what I do - walk it off. Maybe step in some sand, if I can find some.

We have a couple of 16-year-old dogs. That’s probably all I need to say.

Tread shit, as in treading water? Or stepping in it?

IN. Tread in shit.

I live on a farm and wear boots, so it isn’t 24/7, but is a daily thing.

For me (and the reason for this thread) it was this morning, on the way to work. For the first time in maybe 5 years. I trod in something that seemed to be a mixture of shit and coarse grit. Didn’t notice until I got to my desk.

Went back outside and scraped off the worst on a brick, then back indoors and scrubbed the sole over the toilet (using the toilet brush), then washed and rinsed with liquid soap (over toilet - not hand basins)

Within a month. Some asshole JERK of a dog owner let his fucking mutt poop right in front of my mailbox. I wasn’t fully awake yet, and guess what happened?

I washed my shoes. They were sandals, so it was easy. But I am still pissed about it, and I think I know who it is too. It doesn’t exactly make me happy with dog owners but I try to remember this is just one asshole and everyone else I see picks up their poop (I watch, when I see them).

Honestly, who does that? Who just lets their dog poop in front of someone else’s mailbox and then wanders off like a dipshit? I wondered if it was targeted; as far as I know, we’re the only non-white people in the entire neighborhood. :frowning:

I own a farm. It gets wiped off. The work boots remain in the garage area.

Two years ago now, I think. Got warned, but right as my foot was coming down so there was nothing I could do to stop it. Rinsed the sole off in a nearby puddle.

A rafter of wild turkeys has moved into my neighborhood and they seem to be as productive as geese. Found it in bare feet. I walked off most of it, then washed in the bathtub.

BTW - never heard of rafter as a collective noun for turkeys, but this page claims it: http://palomaraudubon.org/collective.html

This the stupiest poll ever. So just now.

Oh excuse me. I thought it said ‘When did you last threadshit.’

Couple weeks ago…multi-use trail that had some horse droppings on it. Furtunately, horse is about the least offensive poop there is.

It has happened to me maybe three times in my life (I am a city girl).

I remember that the last time I rubbed some off on the grass and when I got home took the shoe and washed it in the laundry tub with a scrub brush and laundry soap.

God this is an awful topic… why would anyone want to respond to a poll like this.

Oh, sorry… I thought it said shit in a thread, and I wanted to answer “just now.”

Seriously… I’ve got two big dogs and three lazy kids. Enter the back yard at your own risk several times a year (it does get cleaned up most of the time… but there are times…)

Last Saturday, at a friend’s party out in the country. They had set up “Pasture Pool” where you hit golf balls through the weeds with different things like a handball racket or croquet mallet. The worst part was trying to find your ball in the weeds, and of course I stepped into a cowpie (actually backed into it). Just shuffle your feet a bit and take off your shoes when you go into a house.

Reminds me of the old 4-H/county fair joke:

Two old-timers were at the county fair, and the first one said, “Hey! Did you see that?”

The second one said, “What? Where?”

The first one said, “It was a beautiful girl - you missed her!”

A little time later the first one said, “Hey! Did you see that?” The second one said, “What? Where” and the first one again said, “It was a beautiful girl, better than the first one - you missed her!”

A little while later the first one again said, “Hey! Did you see that?”

The second one said, “Yeah, yeah, I saw it!”

The first one said, “Well, why then did you step in it?”

Chickens. They poop quite a bit, but it’s not too noxious at least.

I feed horses twice a day - it’s a daily occurrence.


I went hiking recently on a trail that is often used by horses. Avoiding all of the shit was not really possible.

Edit: To clean it off? Just walked it off. Hiking boots anyway, who knows what schmutz is caked on them?

Knorf: Me too! I just got back from a hiking trail used by people with dogs!

(To be fair, some of the poop is coyote poop. No one is responsible for scooping that up.)