When in discourse of sequential threads

Tell us about horrible homeowner association rules
“I can’t…(fill in the blank)

That pretty much says it all.

More from the “Latest” view:

What is the first sentence from the book you are currently reading?
Would you rather be extremely tall or extremely short?

It’s actually a brochure, advertising innovative and extreme forms of cosmetic height surgery.

Anyone Spend Time in Charleston, WV?
Are Aliens Visiting Earth?

Chill baby, they’re just West Virginians.

Thinking about summer vacation in the MMP
What’s the Farthest You’ve Ever Been (from home)?

Should we go somewhere new this year?

"Japanese” proverb: Floating enemies, river sitting
chaise lounge for sleeping?

I think it was actually Sun Tzu who came up with the chaise lounge ploy. Feign a nap and then crush your unwary opponent.

Dog owners who travel…how do you do it?
“Terrible Maps”

Fido hates it when I take out the maps, fortunately for him, they’re so bad due to bite marks that I rarely go anywhere.

NSFW things you’ve done online
Don’t frighten the livestock

Cattle can be so prudish

Really Long Term Global Warming Effects
Is McAfee really that bad?

Bad enough. But Norton has caused a .07 inch rise in sea levels in just the last 5 years. :worried:

“Terrible Maps”
More Maps - Some New Perspectives. Some Duds

What are your electric vehicle plans?
Going to Maui

Don’t forget to drive up Haleakala!

Are Aliens Visiting Earth?
I have some suspicions about online grocery shopping

What the hell are “Hellas Apples” and “Blue Oranges” and “Filet of Tauntaun”?

Why did all the McDonaldland characters disappear
Immune or not? seems simple. Apparently it’s not

Alas, the Hamburglar bought a cheap Covid-19 vaccine on the black market. It did not end well. :face_with_thermometer:

Which dressing gown do you prefer?
What does luxury mean to you?

This really strikes me more as “conspicuous consumption” but to each their own.

Are Aliens Visiting Earth?
Going to Maui

If I were visiting Earth, I certainly would.

It’s probably why I haven’t seen aliens. I haven’t been to Maui. They’re probably all out there now on the lava-sand beaches, sipping Mai Tais mixed with formaldehyde to give it a proper “kick”

Are Aliens Visiting Earth?
24 hours in Chicago in Mid-July…what MUST I do?

Go to the Art Institute, the Natural History Museum, Wrigley Field, the Wright Tower, and see “the bean” at Millennium Park (which looks uncannily like a Zydorkian model model QXS Interplanetary cruiser, without the spoiler).

Just don’t forget to wear your Human Suit.

Really Long Term Global Warming Effects
"Terrible Maps”

Durn map says there’s a continent here, but all I can see is water…

What is the color of your vehicle?
Are Aliens Visiting Earth?

“Invisible” isn’t really a color.

(Better if reversed, but you take what you get.)

Grilled fish and…?
COVID vaccinations for young children - a major ethical issue

I think we’ve discovered where the rare allergic reactions to the “vaccinations” come from. I think it’s unethical to only offer a shot if you buy some grilled fish!

Are Aliens Visiting Earth?
Explain High Lumber Prices To Me

Supply and demand. It takes a lot of two by fours to patch up a spaceship that’s come all the way from Alpha Centauri.