When in discourse of sequential threads

Someday I’m going to inherit a hoarder’s house
Selling a house with a jigsaw puzzle on the table?

Just how many pieces are in this puzzle?

I found the secret to losing weight!

Take laxatives. Lots and lots of them.

Afghanistan Today
Recognizing your luggage at the baggage claim

Don’t forget to wave hi to the people riding up on the conveyor belt.

Recognizing your luggage at the baggage claim
What is the best school field trip you went on?

The trip to J.F.K. to see the goings-on at the baggage claim was an elementary school highlight.

“See that mob scene over at the carousel for flight #3815? That’s what happens, kids, when you don’t put colored ribbons or stickers on your bags. Remember the key differences between Samsonite and American Tourister, there’ll be a quiz when we get back to school.”

Best and worst Olympic events to watch
Any WWE fans in the audience?

It’d draw a hell of a lot more viewers than synchronized swimming.

Why are serious therapists or counselors so hard to find?
Nail in Tire

Keep trying, there must be a therapist who’ll affirm your life-altering trauma.

Music you listen(ed) to when high?
Spindown by Andy Crawford

I made mac and cheese soup
When and why did Mac & Cheese become a thing?

Thoughts that come to you while eating soup.

In what ridiculous way are you spoiled?
Wills and lawsuits

Hey, I can’t help it if I do a few chores for little old ladies and they decide to leave me all their money.

Weirdest names you’ve ever heard
Nail in Tire

What exempted Bob Dylan from military service?
The pluplural

And a nasty case of it, too.

We’re all in the mood for a melody
Music you listen(ed) to when high?

“Oh, wow, man!”

Things you like that everyone else seems to hate
Afghanistan Today

It’s got everything - mountains, beaches, tranquillity and great barbecue. Check-in at the Kabul airport is a bit of a hassle though.

Legally when can US soldiers disobey an order to surrender
What is the origin of the phrase “sweet surrender”?

It’s when you don’t have to disobey orders

Why are you always late?

What is the first sentence from the book you are currently reading?
I love this British shit and I move move to England!

We must have read different editions of Great Expectations.

How to make cookies that are soft and chewy, and not crunchy or hard?
Worst lyric rhymes

How to make cookies that are soft and chewy
and not crunchy or hard?
You gave me a recipe
that came from Mississippi
But they still came out badly
you bastard!

Trump is such a dick
Did you know in 2016 how bad Trump really is?

Why are you always late?
The Whammy

Visiting Wisconsin - Suggestions?
Hernia anyone?

A fun time for the whole family. But don’t miss the hemorrhoids in Oshkosh.