When in discourse of sequential threads

Tell us an interesting random fact you stumbled across
Nails in the pavement

And they hurt like a mofo!

What did you learn from lockdown?
Most effective home exercises for strengthening abdomen

Ha, I learned how to play Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons on the accordion.

But not as good as this guy.

Bumper sticker that best represents your state/area
Hernia anyone?

I see this one a lot in western Pennsylvania.

Almost as bad.

Five dead in Norway bow and arrow attack

So, what made you smile today?

What’s in your egg nog?
The third jab of Pfizer

Needle hopefully not included.

Winning the War Against Climate Change? U.S. Coal Use Will Be Up 22% This Year
Must be an iPhone thing

I scoop at least two shovelfuls into my charger each night.

So, what made you smile today?
Van lifer goes missing on cross country trip with fiancee

I picture Lucy and Ricky Ricardo in the title roles.

Democratic Party Seems Determined to Allow the Perfect to be the Enemy of the Good
What is a “nice” restaurant?

Only a 3 star Michelin restaurant. Anything else is a RINO (restaurant in name only).

How tough was your neighbourhood?

We had T. Rex gang wars, Stegosaurus knocking down mailboxes, Triceratops double-parked - it was a mess, lemme tell ya.

Beef from the Wild West compared to today
Anyone seen Colibri lately?

We were running low on meat due to supply chain problems, and, well, I don’t want to talk about it. :frowning:

I Can See Into the Near-Future and You Can Too!
Prison Rodeo? Nope. Prison Craft Fair, yes!

Prison carnival? Reply hazy, try again.

What Irritated You Today?

I’m here now

Get the hell out!

How do animals find their way home?
Electric airplanes

“Cheer up lad, Lassie’s been cleared for landing!”

We’re all in the mood for a melody
Dune (Film) Post-release thread (open spoilers from film)

“Harkonnen Mentata
What a wonderful phrase
Harkonnen Mentata
Ain’t no passing phase
It means no worries
For the rest of our days
It’s our problem-free
Harkonnen Mentata!”

Tell me Your Anxiety Inducer for today
I Think My Depression is Winning

Your current first-world problems
The all new Hyperbolic Ion-Encabulator

Peptide quantitation. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

What happens if you sell a house, and don’t empty it?
Do zoos ever live feed their predators?

My contract says that if I see a bunch of crap left in the basement and attic during final walk-through, the seller gets pitched into the lion enclosure. :smiley:

Advice on traveling long distance by Amtrak
In a famine situation, what are the best animals to grow for food on a local level

You know, there’s this thing called a café car…

Reluctantly — Fuck Texas
Fuck you, FlyLady!
Fucking maskholes

Just fuck them all!

Lack of low-wage workers… where have they gone?
Advice on traveling long distance by Amtrak

They’ve all hopped a train to the big rock candy mountain.