When in discourse of sequential threads

Things that go bump in the MMP
I am a School Bus Driver

A response to Richard Dawkins’ argument against the existence of God.
Space Force!

Now filming: Flash Jesus, Master of the Universe.

Today in nature I saw

Pet pictures!

Are you a white, liberal, atheist man?
Is this rude phone behavior, or am I too sensitive?

I expect to be sold useless extended warranties without regard to race, creed or color. :rage:

The Kitty Report
Kitten Robe II

My search for replacement shoelaces
The Great Ongoing Space Exploration Thread

I don’t think cosmic strings will really work all that well, best to keep the search closer to home.

What made/makes the Germans so good at what they do?
Racial segregation at universities–a growing, and legitimate trend?

How Do I Know if This is “Normal” or “Advanced” Behavior for My Child?
Thinking of getting into the dating pool again

I’d consider that “advanced.”

More sovereign citizen goodness
Celebrity shaman reveals he’s a reptilian/andromeda hybrid sent to interrupt our frequencies

Van lifer goes missing on cross country trip with fiancee
Your current first-world problems

How to pick wheels for winter tires
Thinking of getting into the dating pool again

If you’ll be taking her to the Nunavut Drive-In, it’s well to be prepared.

How tough was your neighbourhood?
Did you hear about the Hive that had no exits?


What do I need to know about buying a smartphone?
The wonder of evolution

Absolutely. You want to stay away from the iPhone 1

Your current first-world problems
Anyone else have a wife who is taller than them when she wears heels?

Hey, at least you have a wife!

What, no ‘head’?
Re: Sour Cream Going Bad?

That’s not sour cream.

Thinking of getting into the dating pool again
Which outdated customs should go?

She’ll appreciate knowing right from the get-go that you won’t be holding open any doors, and that she’ll be expected to pick up the check for at least half the meals.

Liposuction to get rid of beer belly: quick fix or stupid idea?
England’s catastrophic loss of truck (lorry) drivers—why this week?

I knew it was a bad idea for St. Barts to offer a 50% off sale on liposuction this week.

Longest you’ve waited to be served in a restaurant?
The Foraging And Preserving Thread

Yep, waiting isn’t so bad if you can forage off other diners’ plates in the meantime. Best to wait till they’re using the restroom though.

The aftermath of knee replacement surgery
17 DUI convictions, life in prison?

If you’re lucky.

Threads with men as objects of lust
Screw Greg Abbott

Columbus Day v Indigenous People’s Day v Leif Erikson Day
Iconic but awful