When in discourse of sequential threads

Trying to come up with unconventional icebreaker-type questions for fellowship group

What’s the most interesting car you saw today?

When did paid and unpaid lunch breaks become such a deal?
"He crossed state lines.”

“Suspect from Davenport was seen sneaking into a Chick-fil-A in East Moline. A struggle ensued.”

A couple of questions for World War II historians
Fibonacci Numbers: Did Fibonacci just come up with the sequence as a lark? Or, did he derive it from something else?
Science Fraud: What are Western Blots and How can they be Faked?

You know, if you keep this crap up you’re going to be banned from “Ask The World War II Historians”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Intriguing optical illusion
“He crossed state lines.”

Actually, if you measure it with a ruler, you’ll find he didn’t.

2021 Secret Santa Christmas Exchange
Ask Your Doctor

She said my heart was probably strong enough for it, but wasn’t interested in participating herself.

Tell us about something you have done on a stage
Has anyone here used one of those Navage sinus cleaning machines?

So that’s why the front row seats were heavily discounted…

Not quite a unicorn farting rainbows…but close!
My decorating dreams have been destroyed

For some, it’s a look - de gustibus non est disputandum, and all that.

Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Let’s do it again!
“Die Hard” a Christmas Movie?

It’s a Christmas Movie, if you think about it laterally.

I blew up a Toastmasters group last night
High Cost of Ammunition Question

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They deserved it, but man, the cost of ammo these days!

The Women’s Medical Fund has Renamed Itself
Catholic Bishops can suck my ass

Those abortion rights types are a feisty bunch.

Simplifications you’ve made
How to fax without a fax machine

It really simplifies my life.

Scammer calls. Does anyone actually fall for them?
Cat losing hair

I.R.S. scams really freak out your domestic shorthairs, but Russian Blues could care less.

We’re Doomed – Robots can reproduce
Your current first-world problems