When in discourse of sequential threads

What do you think will happen when the water level at Lake Mead falls below 1050 feet?
Date ideas

“Hey, there’s a lotta new ground now around Lake Mead. Wanna go explore it? we can pack a lunch.”

Explain English geography to me
Why does Russia not want Ukraine in NATO?

Because it’s not in the North Atlantic, duh.

The Kitty Report
And in other news, fish can drive cars
The pig-heart transplant story is even more interesting than I expected!

Animal Planet Headline News

The De-Clutter and Clean Up Support Thread
Gang of cats hold blender hostage for nearly a month

Any excuse. …

Redundantly named places
Sirhan Sirhan recommended for parole

No, that’s redundantly named people.

Who’s missing that you really want to see on the Board?
Ibidem ibidem ibidem

Nah, too redundant.

Prince Andrew to lose HRH and military titles - just breaking
First official broken bone
We know how to celebrate here in the UK

Assuming you’re ready to deal with the consequences.

Cause of Death in an Obituary Issue
How do you pronounce “burial”

Things have livened up ever so much around here since they put in a “Death and Decomposition” forum.

Things in life that take the exact period of “one sleep” to complete
Laundry Laundry Laundry. BAD x 3!

Cast your bets! How long will my ‘Beto for Gov’ sign remain in my S Texas yard?
Removed by poster

I’m sure none of us saw THAT coming!

Peter Dinklage Rips Disney For ‘Snow White’ Remake: ‘What The Fk Are You Doing?!’
Sour Pickles

Sounds more like sour grapes…