Which is better: Zombie Strippers? or Poultrygeist?

It’s a tough one. Who knew that Jenna Jameson had such strong screen presence? She steals every scene she’s in. With her face, I mean, not her vadge. The overweening attempts by the writer to convince us that he’s smarter than you’d assume–the clumsy reference to Nietsche, Camus, Ionesco–do more damage than good. But the soundtrack is awesome, and there are moments of real entertainment value. Awash in a sea oc C-grade dreck, of course. But overall, if you lower your standards enough, it’s a hoot.

And if you lower your standards even further–it’s a Troma release–*Poultrygeist *is even hootier. Where to start? Cons: the aggressively, intentionally bad filmmaking gets annoying. The pros: the funny parts are actually pretty fucking funny. Had me lolling, watching it by myself in the dark. Right now it’s a tossup, but I’ll probably rewatch *Poultrygeist *before I revisit Zombie Strippers.

Well, usually, I’m not a big Troma fan, so I netflixed strippers first, and you’re right, it’s a hoot, I think it just dethroned Frankenhooker for the top of whatever you might want to call that niche. I caught the references to Starship Troopers and Kill Bill, plus others I don’t remember, good times