Which is worst.... (A new game)

Taking the idea from this thread I have decided to start a new game.

So on with the rules:

A poster is given a rather unwholesome, and perhaps painful, situation which they hypothetically face, and have two choices from which to progress. The poster takes one of those choices and then creates there own horrible scenario.


Here’s an example:

Which is worst, scraping your nails down a blackboard or having your nails pulled out?

tick says: Having you nails pulled out.
And now on to the real thing. On your marks. Get set. Tally-ho.

Which is worse, being locked outside your Grandma’s house naked or Grandma locked outside your house naked?

:eek: enjoy!

Well, damnit. Another thread series I’d been planning yoinked away.

I’ve been putting together some situations like this in anticipation of launching my Hal’s Horrible Question Of The Week thread series (inspired by Smith and Doe’s brilliant Book Of Horrible Questions). Ah well…maybe eventually.

Anyway…to answer your questions, I’m going to go with “being locked outside your Grandma’s house naked” for the following reasons:

[li]Since “Grandma’s house” became “the family house” where I grew up, I know all the ways to break in.[/li][li]Grandma is long, long dead. Skeletons in the yard might attract unwanted attention.[/li][li]I never have a problem with being nekkid in public. :stuck_out_tongue: [/li][/ul]

I’ll take naked grandma any day over naked me.
Would you prefer: a) to be released, naked, from a submersible 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface or b) to be dropped, naked, from an airplane 5,000 feet above the ocean’s surface?

Thats tough. Below the water would be instant death so you won’t suffer but there is something about being crushed under all that pressure that gets to me. I’d take the plane.

Here’s any actual question from an Army psych test. I don’t know why I remember this one and not any others. Not as grusome as the other questions. Would you prefer to go to the dentist or pop a friends blister.

I am popping the blister…

would you rather be stranded in the desert, or lost at sea?

Looks like you missed your chance Hal.

Stranded at sea, just because I could go swimming if I wanted. Not much to do in the desert.
Which is worse, eating spiders or spiders eating you?

Spiders eating you is worse - It’s amazing what you can make platable with a liberal application of Shake n’ Bake.

Now, to my question - which is worse…

A dog licking it’s privates and then licking your face, or a dog eating turds and then licking your face?

Privates - Cuz most here would do the same if they could

OK - Chewing Tin Foil … or chewing worms

Chewwing tin foil is worse, it hurts.

Which is worse

Having NO hair
or having thick hair ALL over your body

Having NO hair
or having thick hair ALL over your body

I’ll take the hair. I can shave. Besides, my eyebrows would look funny with no hair.

Which is worse: Having a two noses, or no ears?

having thick hair all over your body would be worse, esp. in the South…gah

hmmm, which would be worse:

numb hands

numb feet

Chewing vomit has gotta hurt - or at least sting - which would be the result of me chewing worms

**Having NO hair or having thick hair ALL over your body?

That’s EZ! The latter - there are plenty surgical prcedures to remove the stuff - very few good ones to put it back on your head.

OK - Back to death (like the Q’s before) From Monty Pythons Mr Creosote character in The Meaning of Life

Would you rather starve to death
Or explode from gluttony?

You called? :smiley:

One wafer thin mint, please.
I like the idea of sudden death than lingering.

Which is worse?
Getting caught in a stampede of cattle, or a stampede of holiday sale shoppers?

woah. Slow down everybody. Let’s see…
I’d rather have two noses than no ears. (I’ve gotta hear, I’ve just gotta!!!)

I’ll take the numb hands…at least I could go for a walk.

I’ll take the holiday shoppers. Cattle are usually heavier.
how 'bout:

would you rather be a galley slave, or a gladiator?

My thought was that the cattle would probably be more considerate. :smiley:

I’definitely choose no hair rather than all hair.
As long as I could still hear I’d choose no ears.

I’d rather be a (bald, no eared) galley slave than a gladiator. Less public pain.

Here are a few more from a game we used to play:

Which is worse?

  1. Gravity defying arms or really heavy head?

  2. 50 regular testicles or one the size of a beach ball?

  3. Having your parents walk in on you having sex or you walking in on your parents having sex?

  4. Diahorroea or vomiting?


Yes, and the cattle would also smell better, make less noise and wouldn’t take the last Tickle Me Elmo off the shelf. :smiley:

However, given the choice between a 300-pound linebacker type carrying 6 shopping bags in each meaty fist bumping into me and a 2000-pound bull sporting 2-foot horns on it’s head bumping into me, I’ll take the former.

For Fat Marrow:

1: Arms. I have to hold everything else up, I really don’t need to add my head into the mix. That’s assuming, of course, that I can haul my arms down when I need to use them.

2: Volume-wise, I don’t see a difference. I’d probably have to take the 50, just to eliminate the single point of potential failure, but then again I’m thinking like an engineer.

3: Having my parents walk in on me. They should have called first.

4: I’ve had both at the same time, and I have to say that that really sucks. I can’t pick.

All choices from here on out: I’ll take {whatever} naked in a rainstorm.

Gravity defying arms or really heavy head?

My friends already say I have a big head, and I don’t actually want them to be right about it.

50 regular testicles or one the size of a beach ball?

I’d say the fifty just because you could have surgery for 48 of them. But can you imagine trying to zip up your jeans. :eek: , now that’s gambling.

Having your parents walk in on you having sex or you walking in on your parents having sex?

My parents don’t have sex, heck they sleep in seperate rooms, but if they started I would have to gouge my eyes out. I’ll go with the former.

Diahorroea or vomiting?

If it is like the last time I had it I’d go for the vomiting. The vomiting lasted about an hour and afterwards you feel quite better, the diarrhoea on the other hand…

Ok, so which is worse:

Having a meal with that uncle/aunt that always cooks liver and onions, or something equally disgusting, and burns it.

Having a meal, tenderly cooked and delicately prepared and arranged by Armin Meiwes

hehehe. I’d go for Arwin. I can’t stand liver and I’m a female. :smiley:

Which is worse: You and your 8 year old son having a drink at Michael Jackson’s house - or - You and your 8 year old son having a drink at the Abu Ghraib prison?