Which of the following domain names do you like best?

I’m about to reserve two domain names, one for a work blog (encouraged by my Dean to do so) and the other a personal blog. Here are the names I’m considering:

for work- I’m a librarian and an ancient history enthusiast. The Serapeum was the temple complex of which the Library of Alexandria was originally a part. serapeum.com is not available, but I’m thinking of one of these (which as of this writing are all available):

For the personal I’m considering the following:

theduckandcovertavern.com- from the Cold War advice to “duck and cover”, but I like the graphic potentials (a duck and a cloak, or a duck and a house, etc., on an English pub sign)

constantinoplestreet.com (or constantinople-street.com), from the address of my favorite fictional character , and it also has a Byzantine imagery (and I could hide the secret portions under constantinoplestreet.com/procopius

circlebrunetto.com- after the circle in hell continually power-walked by the old professor Brunetto the Sodomite in Dante’s Seventh Circle (Brunetto is actually perhaps the most likeable, certainly the most sympathetic, character in hell- thanks Dante)

Which ones do you like, please?

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