White Christmas in Ireland!

I can’t believe it - woke up to see a cold white blanket of snow covering everything, lying over the landscape just like a white blanket. A cold one. Made of snow.

It almost never snows in Ireland; it hasn’t snowed once this year; it almost never settles when it does; and it never snows on Christmas day… yet here it is. And It’s a Wonderful Life is on the TV.

Merry Christmas one and all! :slight_smile:

Wow, it’s snowing again. A blizzard in fact. Think our visits might be off today. How bizarre, and I wish I’d put money on it.

I’m so sorry I went away for Christmas.


It’s been an odd year weatherwise it seems, well at least for me :slight_smile:

  • When I was in Mexico (State of Querétaro), people were remarking how unseasonably cool and wet it had been this year.

  • Here, we experienced quite chilly nights in November. There was even frost seven days in a row, which ended up frying all of my tender plants. We rarely get frost like that in November (I can’t remember the last time) and it never drops into the twenties farenheit near the coast in November (which it did here).

  • It obviously confused my flowering plum as I spotted three flowers up on a branch tip before all the leaves had spotted (in november!)

  • We got our first winter type storms before actual winter. We can get rain before winter, but never as hard and stormy as it had been.

Of course, I actually meant “fallen”.