Who has a better chance at getting layed a guy or a girl?????? And Why?????

Everyones opinion is welcome:)

You’re kidding, right?

How can you NOT say a girl? In my experience guys have to go out and find a willing partner whereas (as I recall from college) any girl who’s after it can find it on a Saturday night!

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Simple test:
Have a man or woman walk into a bar and announce “I’m in the mood for some hot, sweaty sex right now. Any takers?”

Observe the results:
If the subject is a man, all the women in the bar will burst out laughing.
If the subject is a woman, all the men in the bar will trip over each other trying to be the first in line.

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That’s funny, I would expect exactly the opposite results at the bars that I frequent. (Of course, I frequent gay bars.)

No, I’m not kidding. One day me and a bunch of co-workers where just think about different topics and this one just happened to be an interesting question. The whole point of me asking is to get everyones own point of view. So basically no ones right and no ones wrong. It’s just for fun and the responses shall be very interesting:)

And for all that reply, i truly appreciate your opinions:)

I’m waiting for a female poster to come in here and say that of all the people in the world having sex right now, 50% of them are female and 50% are male (excepting of course the small percentage having sex with animals etc.).

I’m waiting for a female poster to come in here and say that of all the people in the world having sex right now, 50% of them are female and 50% are male (excepting of course the small percentage having sex with animals etc.).

This will quickly be shot down, as nearly 100% of guys want to get laid all of the time (and will have sex with any willing partner), while a typical female will wait until she finds the right partner (not just anyone, as they know exactly how desperate we are). Thus, us losers will nearly always be shot down, and achieve a 5% success rate, while a woman will achieve a 98% success rate.

Probably anyone besides me.

Let me tell you, definitely woman have the advantage here. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been turned down. I’ve had more offers than I could possibly count.

To get laid, all I have to say is one word: yes.

Men, on the other hand, don’t generally find things so easy, unless they happen to be exceptionally good looking, and have women panting everywhere.

I suspect a guy … but only because gay men seem to get more than lesbians. Among the heterosexual population, men and women OBVIOUSLY get laid in equal numbers.


An unattractive woman can lower her standards until she eventually will find a man who will have sex with her. A man can do the same, but he may have to lower his standards so far that he is unable to perform with the woman he ends up with.

I saw a thing on TV where they did a test, they took an attractive man and an attractive woman, put them on a college campus, and had each ask people of the appropriate sex if they wanted to go have casual sex right then. A good percentage of men said yes to the woman (though not all of them, I think it was like 60%), while no women said yes to the man.

SO wrong. Among the heterosexual population, men and women get laid in equal PERCENTAGES (i.e. 50% of the heterosexuals getting laid RIGHT NOW are men, and 50% are women).

I suspect that of the men, many are “repeat offenders”, and much more repeat than the females.

The thing that would slow me down with a woman who said that would be wondering what was wrong with this picture, was I going to get jumped by a big burly guy once we went outside, was she a psycho man-mutilator looking for her next victim, etc.

But if I was reasonably assured that I wasn’t stepping into a trap of some kind…

Little Johnny and Sally were in the tool shed playing comparative anatomy. When Sally noticed one significant difference she burst into tears and went running into the house. “Mommy, mommy.” she cried, pointing into her pants. “Johnny has something I don’t have.”

Sally’s mother brushed away her tears and said soothingly, “There, there, Sally. As long as you have one of these, you can always get one of those.”
I rest my case. This question is utterly ridiculous.

Connor wrote:

And even this is an oversimplification, since somewhere out there, right now, at least one group is engaging in a menage-a-trois.

Dear lord, I don’t know why I’m even responding to this, but here goes.

Why, oh why is it taken as a given that every guy wants sex 24/7? This is one stereotype that I really wish would die.

Que flood of male posters telling me how they are horny 24/7, and how I’m either one of the very few who isn’t or am mistaken about how horny I am

Why is Amber writing all these sex questions? Is MM back again?

I don’t think that, just so you guys know. :slight_smile:

Amber, one question mark per question is really all you need.