Who the heck cares that Chris Kattan is separated from his wife after eight weeks?

I didn’t even know the little freak was married.

But yet, this story has made the front page of Yahoo this morning, as well as other news sites, and it’s been scrolling every 30 seconds on the bottom of MSNBC.

How does this even make a blip in the media world? When’s the last time Kattan was even a fraction of relevant in the entertainment world? Does anyone even recognize the name of his “model” wife? If this is “Celebrity News,” shouldn’t one of the two parties actually be a “celebrity?”

Anyway, who’s surprised that a)He was married or b)He’s getting divorced?

Who the hell is Chris Kattan?

And no, I couldn’t care less.

I have no idea who he is, either. But really…if they’ve been engaged since 2006, you’d think they’d have some sort of idea whether they could get along.

Isn’t he Mango?

Hold the phone… Chris Kattan is straight?!

Well, I just lost five bucks.

Why anyone cares about ANY celebrity relationship is beyond me.

Chris Kattan is the third man in the Adam Sandler succession. The movies Adam won’t do, he gives to Rob Schneider. If Rob won’t do the movie, it goes to Chris Kattan.

Somebody said yes to THAT?

Ugh. I’m so glad I don’t follow celebrities-if he can be called that…

I guess Leon the Janitor’s glittery new outfit finally paid off…

I’m guessing she thought he was gay, & then he expected more–wait, they’ve been engaged how long?

According to the dateline on that story, it was filed (or posted, or something) at 8:10 p.m. on Friday night. Perhaps not a lot of important national news happens on Friday night. It’s certainly not one of the top stories on Yahoo! now.

I see it is listed under “Entertainment News”, but I had to scroll halfway down the page to see it, past such headlines as:

Obama introduces running mate Biden
Tropical Storm not done yet, threatens Gulf cities
Rights group: 78 Afghans killed; US to investigate
At last: Richards, Felix, Wariner get their golds
Russia aims to keep control of Georgian port city
New Orleans repeating deadly levee mistakes
Wall Street bailout aid questioned at Fed event
Madonna kicks off `Sticky and Sweet’ tour in UK
US women’s basketball wins fourth straight gold
Sheriff: 10 dead in plane crash at Moab, Utah
Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch
Fame finds 4-eared feline thanks to Internet photo
911 system goes out for nearly 2 million people
Labor Day travel expected to drop
Coping with the high cost of medicine
Russia aims to keep control of Georgian port city
Uprooted civilians beg Pakistan, militants to talk
Man, pregnant girlfriend charged in Md. standoff
Clashing views of MIT grad suspected of terrorism
Wall Street bailout aid questioned at Fed event
Bush blames Democrats for high gas prices
Stocks jump on falling oil, inflation forecast
Merrill Lynch settlement with SEC worth up to $7B
Bernanke: Financial crisis taking toll on economy
NASA destroys rocket after failed launch
Groups: Bush rushing to rewrite species rules
At top of Greenland, new worrisome cracks in ice
Saber-toothed cat fossils discovered in Venezuela
Study: A bad joke might endanger the teller
Telecom rollouts raise ire over utility
Internet provider’s usage cap raises questions
iTunes blocked in China; Tibet album suspected
NBC’s likely hit its peak with Phelps leaving
Face transplant patient can smile, blink again Fri Aug 22, 7:37 am ET
Extra pounds mean insurance fees for Ala. workers Fri Aug 22, 12:19 am ET
Jump in US measles cases linked to vaccine fears Thu Aug 21, 8:52 pm ET
FDA: Irradiating spinach, lettuce OK to kill germs Thu Aug 21, 6:34 pm ET
Producer ready for Denver’s Super Bowl of politics

What makes you think that? It sounds like he just shaved his beard to me.

Well, considering I never watch Adam Sandler movies, that pretty much explains why Kattan’s not a blip on my radar.

Amen. And this goes double for celebrity babies. Who, other than the families, gives a rat’s ass? :confused:

So…this is a thread about how little we care about this guy? Okaaaayy.

Eh. I’ve nothing against the man. Of course, I’ve never been forced to sit through one of his movies. Still, I’m sorry he’s going through something lousy.

“Can you pluck a rainbow from the sky and stick it in your pocket? Such is Mango.”

Several years ago, during Kattan’s SNL run, students in a rented house here in town gave pride of place to a large blowup portrait of Kattan by putting it in an attic window, where it was prominently visible to passers-by until the end of the school year.

I don’t know whether this was meant to indicate Quietly Gay House, or whether someone there just liked them some Kattan.

Ooooh…very good!

It kind of amazes me, but I sort of feel sorry for Katan.

He and Will Ferrel had the exact same kind of broad clumsy comedy, and general weak talent level, but somehow Ferrell is making millions on several movies a year, while Katan is probably halfway to Walmart greeter.

I think you are close, but I think that Ferrell is leagues ahead of Kattan. I don’t like any of Ferrell’s movies, but Kattan is worse. He is tepid, tepid, tepid…and nothing is worse than tepid in comedy. And, he thinks he’s red-hot hilarious.

I think if you begin any sentence with “Who the heck cares that Chris Kattan…”

The answer will be invariably - noone.