Who Wants a Hotdog?

Hey everbody!
I’ve been lurking around here for a while now, but I’ve been afraid to get the 30 day membership because I know I would want the full subscription but could not afford it…
Until now.

At 2:00pm today I will once again be a food service professional. Thats my my fancy way of saying “I’m a cook at a hotdog place”. It’s been about 4 years since I worked in food. I have worked in 5 resturants in the past as well as working for my mother in 3 of her food related businesses. I have done every job except for managment stuff. I quit my last resturant job because my bosses were jerks and I almost got into a fight with one of the hoodrat cooks on the line. After that I decided that food was not for me. Also working in a kitchen at 100 and more degrees everyday was not my idea of a good time.

Several jobs later and a few grand in debt I took up a job a local hotdog,hamburger,sandwich type place. The small, simple menu and decent pay made me cave and fall back into the kitchen once again. Also losing 150+ pounds helps with the heat issue.

So here we go again, back to grease burns,smelly clothes, sore feet, and a fat check every week.
Now, who wants a hotdog?
Oh yeah, now I can also buy my own booze. This will help me eliminate stress when not working.

Congrats on the job, and welcome to the Dope!

I’ll have one with chili and onions please.

Of course many of us already know booze is a great stress reliever.

Umm… sounds like we can say congrats on the job soul radiation, cause you seem excited by it.

I loves me a good hot dog joint personally. There are several around here but one in particular I like. They sell greasy, really unhealthy to eat chili/cheese/onion/slaw dogs that I am convinced is what manna from heaven must taste like. Of course, I can’t just run out at lunch and buy a couple to wolf down. First off, two just ain’t enough. Second, the things are toxic. Well, actually, they tend to make one toxic an hour or so after eating 'em. So, my favorite thing to do is go get a bunch on Saturday, bring 'em home, but not actually into my house (remember they’re toxic). I take 'em right to my nice screened in back porch, go get a cold beer and indulge in toxic, unhealthy chili/cheese,onion/slaw dog manna from heaven goodness. Then I spend the rest of the afternoon sounding and smelling like a nuclear reactor meltdown, but it’s worth it. :smiley:

How does one prepare a “hoodrat?” Is there something peculiar to a hoodrat that it requires a special cook?

Patience and a lot of it.

Hmmm. Perhaps that’s why the hoodrat cooks are so testy. And did your old restaurant actually serve enough hoodrat to require multiple cooks of it? That’s a lot of hoodrat.

Hi Dr. Nick!

Sure, I’ll have one! Just make sure there’s no ketchup on it.

Hey, I’m was born in Chi-town(or oak park, depends who you ask) I know all about the verboten ketchup.

Welcome! Gimme two dogs with relish, onions, cheese and mustard.

Learning to preview my posts the hard way.

That question always makes me think of the insanely bad sales pitch made by Keanu Reeves in Sweet November (speaking of insanely bad).

Anywho, welcome aboard! And I’ll take two dogs, plain. Thanks.

Welcome, dude. I loves me a good hot dog. In fact, I’m a thinkin’ I’ll take a walk down to Frankly Yours in minute or two… :smiley:

Make mine with mustard, and chili, and mustard, and onions, and mustard. Some kraut too would be nice.

And mustard.

Ok, away I got to work. Well as soon as I brush my teeth I will leave. It will be nice to have a job that doesn’t come home with me. I missed that the most about cooking. That and the free food.

If you have good chili, I’d happily take two chili/cheese dogs :slight_smile:

Or a Chicago dog. Yum :cool:

Damn, I miss good dogs.

When come back, bring hot dogs. (Sorry.)

I’ll take one with mustard, please!

Well, except for the smell, that is…

(nothing personal – one of my brothers is a long-time Denny’s cook, and I used to be a vendor at Cleveland Stadium, so I know all about walking through the door redolent of grease, beer, or any of countless other “aromas”)

I’m not a big hot dog fan or hamburger fan, so let me see a menu and I’ll decide which of those other sandwiches looks good. And welcome to the SDMB!

Oh yeah - I have to tell my favorite hot dog story!

We went to an Astros baseball game. It was dollar hot dog day, so we stood in line for cheap hot dogs, along with hundreds of others. While waiting, we noticed this guy in the back “assembly line” who was the “stick 'em in the foil bag” guy. He was wearing a hair net, and had latex gloves on.

To get the hot dog in the bag, he would pick up a bag, blow into it, and place the hot dog inside.


Welcome to the SDMB from a fellow newb. And man, does a hot dog sound good right now. I know, I know, a “proper” hot dog doesn’t have ketchup, but I loves me some ketchup. And mustard, and mayo, onions, relish…

Oh, when I get off work I am SO making a hot dog for dinner. Or two. Or five. Mmm.


Mayo! MAYO!!!
Thanks for the welcome by the way.
Day 1 is over. I did ok. My only mistake was putting the greek dressing on a ceasar salad. Luckily my co-worker caught it before it went out. Cleaning the fryer was a bitch as always. Seems like a good place to work. Everyone is really cool.
Next dopefest I got the food covered.