Who want's some?

So, who wants me? Huh, huh? Am I not hot? :slight_smile: Am I not irresistible? :o Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. :cool: Gimme some sugar, baby. :wink: How you doin’? :smiley:

…bursts into song…

I’m too sexy for this thread, too sexy for this thread, so sexy it hurts my head!
I’m a poster, ya know what I mean, I do my little type on the keyboard …on the keyboard, on the keyboard, YEAH! I do my little type on the keyboard. :wink:

I’ll have what he’s having…


What, a lobotomy next tuesday?

If a lobotomy makes you feel like THAT then put me on the surgery list Doc. :smiley:

I’ll have some! Mmmmm;)

I want some, but I’m not sure as to the sex and orientation of MSK, so forgive me for not claiming any.

“Who want has some?” or
“Who want is some?”

Put the crack pipe down, slowly, and back away. No one gets hurt! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha! “Put the crack pipe down.” That’s funny. Like that could happen.

… says Marqui de Sade in a thread about ‘wanting some’…


I am male. I am straight. If you’re female, my response is:
[No Doubt] Hey baby, hey baby, HEY!! :smiley: [/No Doubt]

Yeah, I noticed that too. I don’t know where the hell that apostrophe came from; it made me laugh though! Sounds like the new AYBBTU. :wink:

Alas, I am also of the male heterosexual persuasion. If you happen to find anyone who goes for such lines, do be so kind as to point them out, 'k?

Somebody Set Us Up the Apostrophe, undoubtedly.

Woo-Hoo! I am female AND straight… I CAN have some MagicalSilverKey! :wink: Um, but what about age? I can’t serve jail time for you, MSK.

That’s what she said!

I am 32, and yourself? By the way, if you want to know what I look like, go to http://profiles.yahoo.com/magical_silver_key.

Yahoo says: “Sorry, but the profile you are looking for is not currently available.” :eek:

I’m 25…

Hmm, sorry about that. Yahoo must be acting up again. You can email me or I-M if you want to. Info is in my SD profile. :smiley:

Try this pic: http://fff.fathom.org/pages/MagicalSilverKey/Dec 29 01.jpg

damn… I hit submit instead of preview! Try this http://fff.fathom.org/pages/MagicalSilverKey/Dec%2029%2001.jpg

This link WILL work!

Now you just need some women to roll through and ignore you.

Hello Ladies . . . . . . .
Goodbye Ladies . . . . . .


DaLovin’ Dj

Well, MSK and I were having a very interesting conversation this morning on IM. I’ve seen him on his webcam, and I have to admit that if you want some, I think you should go for it! Too bad he lives about 2400 miles from me, though… :wink: