Who would you fight? Besides me, of course

The three Hanson bros, at once.

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

C’mon… They’re KIDS! Wanna take on some old ladies while you’re at it? Big ol’ meanie…

I’m a pacifist, so I wouldn’t want to fight anyone.

Yer pal,

I’d love to kick Pauly Shore’s ass. Or Carrot Top’s - nah, Pauly Shore’s. Wait - um …

Give me anyone involved in a boy band. I’d also angle for Pat Sajak, he just looks too smug. If all else fails, Stephen Hawking. Because then I would feel like a man!!!

All generalizations suck.

Andy Garcia, but only if in a big vat of chocolate pudding (or the like).

No, it would probably have to be you, Rousseau.

no comment I dont want another fight on here again lol

Me?? an asshole?? You better believe it!

Heather Lee

Anybody but Glitch. That man’s been practicing martial arts longer than I’ve been alive. =B^)

Omni-not, you’d better guard your grill, I’m coming to git sum!

“Shatner, man. I’d fight William Shatner.”

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I will fight my overwhelming compulsion to consume massive amounts of chocolate.

Oh, people? I’ll fight… who ever posts next!

I’d love to kick Madonna’s ass, but she’s so buff she’d probably end up mopping the floor with my face.

Okay LauraRae, you posted next. Let’s go!
(flings down the gauntlet at her feet) :slight_smile:

Anyone remotely connected to the Mentos commercials. Except I would fight them with tactical nuclear weapons.

I’d fight the Beastie Boys for their right to party. Hell, I’d fight them for their right to breathe.


And immigrants.

Maybe people with dark skin.

Certainly retards.

Wow! I have been mentioned in a “Who <fill in the blank>?” thread (see a thread a while back titled “People never mentioned in other threads” or something like that).

I am deeply moved by this experience.

Now, onto the OP. Let me qualify this by saying I know it wouldn’t be doing any good and in probably isn’t even justice but I would love to get my hands on every wife and child beater.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

Damn. Had forgotten all about the nuns. O.K. Rousseau, you’re off the hook.

For now.

Pat Buchanan.

And I’d like to fight him animation-style, please. Where his head would go like a punching bag…



Michael Jackson. (Hee Hee)