Who would you want to play....

…you in a movie? This comes out of a conversation with priccar tonght over the soap opera that is my friend’s lives. It would make a GREAT TV-movie…and so we need someone to play me. Haven’t come up with anyone for me yet, but it sounded like a good topic to me! :slight_smile:

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A young Susan Sarandon. I think it would be a nice twist, since I play her every weekend (well, kinda.)


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Either Janeane Garofolo or Christina Ricci.
Costarring Nancy Travis and Jenna Elfman as my best friends, and a Tim Allen/Barry Gibb hybrid as my husband. (Just trying to stay as close to the truth as possible…)

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Ed Harris. But by the time a movie is made about me, he’ll be 80.

I’d pick Chris Rock, but my life is so boring, he’d probably sue me for posting this insult of his character.

Obviously, I’d prefer to be played by Peter Falk, as anyone would. But he actually is a fair bit older than I am. In fact, all the people who could portray me properly are old or dead – Van Heflin, James Cagney, Leo Gorcey…

David Krumholtz.

Look him up.

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Though someone I know thinks I look a bit like Joseph Fiennes.

Hero For A New Millennium!

The Legend Of PigeonMan - updates every Wed & Sat

Jackie Chan.

It would make my life story seem SO much more exciting. :wink:

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Helena Bonham-Carter, just to prove for once and for all that I don’t actually look that much like her!

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hey Falcon,
I thought we decided on Mia Sorvino.

I don’t know who I would want to play me.
I will put my picture on the teeming millions thing and see what other people think.


I’ve had that discussion. I’ve never come up with anyone satisfactory, but a friend of mine suggested Janeane Garofalo.

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Howard Stern.

Yer pal,

I think I would have to go with Harry Anderson.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Oh Satan,thats perfect. He’d probablt do you well,also. But who would play Heather?? Me,I’d say Claire Danes,thanks to some wonderful person who said I looked like her.I think Christina Aguilara would do Cessandra well!

I’m sitting here thinking and thinking, but there is absolutely no one who could play me. I am so unlike anyone in Hollywood.

Ditto, Michelle. I can’t even think of someone who could come close. Does anyone want to give it a shot?

John Malkovich or Harry Dean Stanton.

I look nothing like either of these gentleman, but I believe they have the talent and range to portray me accurately.


The age is wrong (she’s a fair bit older than I) but Kathy Bates is the right type. That is, a mouthy fat broad :slight_smile: But I’d probably end up with Rosie O’Donnell (sigh).


I know I know.
John Cusack.

I don’t look like him. But, we both have brown hair.
And people tell me I acted like him in some movie he was in with Ione Sky. (I don’t know which, I never saw in it)

And, anyone who can do such a great job in Better Off Dead has a vote to play me.

Anyway, the fact that he is in my movie, is pretty much a gurantee that the movie will be fun. Maybe not great, but fun.