Whoo-hooo!! We're Number 12!!

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But Genmay is 9th and rising! (Look at the posts per week stats.) Actually, I have to say that this is probably the best general/debate forum on that list, and one of the largest out there, period. :slight_smile:

We’re #12!
We’re #12!
I am trying to start a chant. Please cooperate.

There are two boards in the top 50 dedicated to the Dave Matthew Band. What am I missing?

Oh . . .

We’re #12!
We’re #12!
We’re #12!

We’re #12!
We’re #12!
We’re #12!

And my other favourite board’s number 47!
And my other favourite board’s number 47!
And my other favourite board’s number 47!
Dutch hackers get to be #3? And Courtney Love is #11? I have serious doubts about their methodologies.

I was wondering about the Courtney Love thing as well.

We’re #12!
We’re #12!
We’re #12!

Thanks for cooperating everyone

[ul][li]Michael Jackson is the other music related forum @ #146. Go figure.[/li][li] #8 has only 8504 members (SDMB = 40,320) but 1 million more posts.[/li][li] #215 (Black Sheep Forums) has only 305 members, but still over 1/2 million posts.[/li] People sure like to talk about cars, games and computers.[/ul]

*Originally posted by kniz *
[li] #8 has only 8504 members (SDMB = 40,320) but 1 million more posts.[/li][/QUOTE]

It’s 8th? Hmmm…I’d swear Genmay was 9th. Also consider that the forum started out in July of last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Genmay’ers are a pretty active crowd, in part because we all came from www.hardforum.com when the owner axed the general talk sections (for reasons which should be obvious upon reading a few threads :D). The forum isn’t bad, just dumb, “youthful,” and moderately funny. postcount++

I found this @ Black Sheep Forums:

Oh yeah there is a story too

and vBulletin seems to be the forum software of choice.

Fark’s not on there anywhere? What are their criteria?

Nothing as far as I know.

Go Dopers! Let’s keep pushing onward and upward!

The chant has died.:frowning:

Maybe because we’re now #13

It’s those damn North American Subaru Impreza Owners.

We must commit ourselves to more drive-by posting to bring up our rating to #1.

Remember when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor? Who’s with me?

Let’s face it. Only one thing can save us now.

Toga thread.

kniz, your link seems to be either broken or mis-referencing. All I got was a story about the Russian authorities banning an advertisement.

At least this answers the thorny question of which should be the next new SDMB forum to be added. It should be entirely devoted to video games with a car-driving theme; literary erotica dealing with Dutch I.T. difficulties; and North American Subaru Impreza owners who like Courtney Love.

That ought to do it. Number 1 by Christmas.

This is just a post-padding post.