Who's missing, lurking?

I haven’t seen PapaBear, BunnyGirl for a while. Several people just sort of wander off and never come back, like CharlieTan.

If you look at the TM list of 200+ regulars, maybe 100 are gone by now.

Bunnygirl got the new job…she must be busy…I havnt seen Bjorn or the other icelanders either…

I’m here! I’m here!

Yes, it has definately been the job! But…I love it!! The people are great, I love the work, the pay is great…what more could I ask for?

Oh, plus, I can buy a computer through work and they take out payroll deductions and split the cost over 12 months. No interest. Cool! We’re probably going to buy one after Christmas.

Thanks for thinking of me, Sunbear!

I don’t keep track of the Great Debates amd BBQ pit, so sometimes I miss a major event here.
By the way, the board as a whole is sort of like a dog. (a dog often manages to forget what it did in 2 hours).Most of the members will forget something you did over here, eventually. So there’s no need to leave if only a handful remember your badly thought out(/carried out) deed.

I was not addressing anybody specifically here, just rambling.

Hmm my suspicion is that they only come out of the woodwork when they can bash the US and people from the states. I also noticed there has been kind of a ‘decline’ so to speak in the regulars who post.