Who's who on Lost

Okay, I’m trying to keep track of the different groups and individuals on the island. So far we have:

The Passengers - Our main group.
The Tail People - The 23 people from the tail of the plane; now reduced to five.
The French People - Danielle and her crewmates.
Ethan’s Group - Assuming he had other unseen associates.
Desmond - Arrived three years ago. Part of a group?
The Pirates - The people on the boat who took Walt.
The Barefoot People - Seen by Eko and Jin. At least eleven people.
The Broadcasters - Whoever was sending the radio message with the Numbers.
Invisible Monster - Assuming somebody’s behind it.
The Nigerian Crew - Flew the drug smuggling plane. Unknown if there were any survivors.
The Black Rock Crew - Apparently arrived a long time ago.
Adam and Eve - The bodies that were found last season.
Kelvin - According to Desmond was on the island when he arrived.
The Others - Still no idea if this group even exists or which of the above may be in it.

Am I missing anyone?

I thought French Lady was sending the broadcast.

Nope. Someone was sending teh numbers before she got there. That’s what attracted her group to the island (so she says) and how Hurley learned of the numbers.

If you’re listing people without speculating which groups are the same (for example, it seems likely that Ethan, the Pirates, and the Barefoot people are all togther and all “Others”) I’d also list the Dharma Foundation and the Hanso Corporation. They built the hatches.

Is it possible Yoyodyne Propulsion is involved?

I agree that almost certainly some of these groups are part of one group. But, no surprise, we haven’t been told that yet.

As for Dharma and Hanso, I wasn’t counting them because we haven’t seen any evidence of their presense on the island itself. (Unless you count Kelvin and he’s already listed. But we don’t know if Kelvin worked for them or was trapped like Desmond.) However you make a good point - somebody had to be present on the island to build the bunkers. And according to the film, they were investigating anomalies, so they weren’t necessarily responsible for what’s going on. So:

Dharma/Hanso - The people who built the bunkers.

I thought he was referring to the broadcast of “Come get me. They are all dead. etc…”

Also, what’s that about how Hurley learned of the numbers? He heard them from the guy in the nuthouse, no? Which got me to thinking (perhaps it’s been brought up in the other Lost thread which I don’t read because of all the Next Week spoilers), was perhaps the guy Hurley learned the numbers from once on the island, having to input the numbers, and it drove him mad?

The guy in the nuthouse heard the numbers being broadcast from the island. This was explained in Hurley’s flashback episode from the first season, Numbers.

Ethan and Danielle must be in cahoots, because when Ethan kidnapped Claire, she scratched Danielle, right?

Although your suggestion is plausible, it’s not for sure.

Whilte what you say about Claire scratchign Danielle is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in cahoots.

Danielle could have somehow gotten Claire away from Ethan, or Claire escaped herself and ran into Danielle.

Some people have theorized than Ethan’s group took Danielle’s child and she’s trying to steal Claire’s baby to trade them. This would indicate that Danielle is not part of whatever group Ethan belongs to.