Why Am I Starting To Get Popups When I Log Into SDMB? Never Happened Before...

I have been on this board for awhile now, and within the last few weeks, I have been getting a whole lot of annoying popup ads when I log into the boards.

What’s up?

I have a popup stopper, but these things are sneaking up in the milli-second from loading to showing the threads.

Is it just my computers (both at work and at home) or is this somethng new?

I think this has been discussed before, it was said that the pop-ups don’t come from this site, and that it might be spyware on your systems.

It’s not this site. You’ve got Gator or some other obnoxious third-party advertising software. Try Ad-Aware.

Pfft! Ad-Aware? Try Spybot – far more effective.

Ad-aware and spybot are both good, and they both catch things that the other misses.

Just don’t call it spyware. Gator doesn’t like that. So calling it spyware would be very bad.

Use the Spam Language:

Gator is sp.y.wa.re.fh75z-45mf8

No, Gator is adware. Spyware monitors your system and reports back keystrokes, web pages visited, or whatever it was programmed to.

Mental note: Do not refer to Gator Adware as ‘spyware,’ or else they’ll sue your pants off.

In the future, call it “evil Gator intrusive adware.”

Got it. I sure hope Gator is happy I made the change.

Q.E.D.: According to this page, Gator does report which pages you visit, the list of which they sell to advertisers.

Don’t care what they say, I’m calling it spyware.

Yeah, that would qualify it as spyware in my book.