Why Australian women make bad wives, and only Russian women are suitable



Just. Wow.

I didn’t realize what stuck up, mean bitches all women from Australia were. How nice that Russian women seemingly love to be subjugated, insulted, cheated on and slapped.

Some more pearls of wisdom:



Yes, I am being sarcastic to those who might flame me.

I want a Tatyana, Ludmila, and an Elena.
I need help with my river bottom, gold mining, operation.

Since I’m no longer engaged, I’m ‘on the market’. I’d be happy to have an Australian wife. Applications now being accepted.

No beekeeping? Even if you nickname her “Honey”?

I can’t muster up the motivation to follow your link, but the pieces of advice you copied into your post actually sound very, very reasonable and wise.

Well, you should. Because I thought the same thing you did about the excerpted list. However, most of the things the guy says are just disgusting. Consider the following:

Which he follows up with:

Ew. Is he honestly suggesting that whatever the husband does, the wife should “manage her expectations” so that she expects just a little bit less?

And then we have:

followed by

This seems to imply that the four things there that “no woman likes” are possibly things that simply fall into the category of “getting some of what they don’t want”.

The guy’s a troglodyte. Plain and simple.

“Day Vear!”

“Evening Vear!”

“Svim Vear!”

How exactly are these bad things?

Well, that fifth one is iffy. She’s not responsible for his behavior, he is.

Other than that, read the whole linked article.

I think this image (safe for work) describes that attitude perfectly.

Did you read the link, Abbie Carmichael? Phil Bachman doesn’t want a partnership of equals; he wants to be worshipped and adored by a Stepford wife.

Some Australian [women](www.pittsburghlive.com/. …/s_158917.html) would make very bad wives :wink:

Darn broken link try this http://www.celebrity8x10s.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=SCP&Category_Code=everage

Y’know you’re right. Certainly in the case of whoever wrote that article you are right.

BUT sometimes that sort of attitude does more harm than good. My wife is Asian, and it annoys me when people just assume “sex-for-citizenship” look at me like I must have bought her out of a mail order catalogue, and by extension that I must be some sort of loser who spends all day and night paying with toy soldiers and yelling at my wife to bring me more doughnuts. In actual fact, my wife was already an Australian citizen when we first went out together. She’s smart, liberated, and confident, and could probably kick my arse at most things. And she made the first move.

Eh, just sayin’, is all.

It strikes me that any man who buys a mail order bride is BEGGING to be disappointed- bEcause he’s assuming the women he gets will be docile, servile, unambitious, undemanding, and willing to accept whatever her husband cares to give her.

But really, if a Russian woman were content to live in squalor with a drunken abusive husband, well, she could have THAT back in Russia!

If she wants to get out of Russia and get to Australia (or England or America or wherever), that means she has ambitions and desires of her own, for a better life. Which implies she’s NOT going to be the doormat her new “lord and master” hopes she’ll be!

Here’s one that’s a little more subtle:

Translation: the man is the boss. He makes the money (or more money), so he contributes more. He has more responsibility because he has the job. He’s better at most things than the wife because he is more worldly-wise. Therefore, the man should get his way 99% of the time.

He’s thinking, “Women are the donkeys! They’re dumb and they need to be led around!” But he’s half right–he is a dog.

My good friend’s dad’s cousin has had four mail-order brides. As soon as they become citizens, or meet whatever immigration criteria they need to meet to stay here, they hit the road.

He keeps trying out different “flavors,” ordering brides from all different countries, looking for one that will be properly meek and subservient. My friend and her dad say they’re all quite shrewd about it. They let the husband (a buffoon) think he’s getting his way all the time, and trick him into thinking it’s True Love, and then, one day, the INS gives the green light and she vanishes into the ether, usually with a chunk of his money.

G’day there handsome…
(Always wanted me a Greencard…) :smiley:

So, what’s the deal with these women anyway (slight hijack here). Who are they? Why are they willing to leave home/friends/family for random husbands overseas. Russia et al are certainly not horrible places to be. What gives?

There’s a charming story about a Russian woman who met an Aussie guy with a house full of bugs and bad aftershave, she made a joke and saved the relationship.

The guy can’t keep his house clean and smells awful. Those would be warning signs in anyone’s book.
The site also suggests that a woman should put her husband as a higher priority than her kids. Oki doki, the needs of an independent, adult human should come before the needs of dependent children. Yup, that makes sense.