Why can't guys go for "nice" girls?

Okay, so the title is a general parody of the “nice” guys threads. But I’m really putting myself.

Ludovic, you stupid fuck! Why can’t you fall in love with a nice girl, who isn’t bad looking, who obviously is very attracted to you, and who just gave you, literally, the best kiss you’ve ever gotten? Because she’s not hot, that’s why :wally :wally :wally :wally :wally

Why do you insist on being attracted to unavailable women, who treat you like dirt one day, only to flirt with you another?

Oh, and that girl you liked in high school, the best looking girl in the world? No, she’s never going to like you, either, despite how often you fantasize about a relationship with her.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

OK, I have a question for a guy like you…

do you think you’re attracted to these ultra-hot women because they give your self-esteem a boost – like a trophy girlfriend?

Or do these ultra-hot women push the lust button in you?

They’re no fun in the sack.

How does one “put” themselves?

“themselves”? :smack:

Not to mention being boring as all hell. :wink:

“Putting yourself” is what you do when you can’t get the sweet love you want, I suppose.

Speak for yall’ses selves, now.


I’m attracted to personality and I always have been. Humor, intelligence, courteousness, self-awareness are the sexiest attributes, in that order. YMMV. If youre not NICE, youre not attractive. Who wants to hang out with/date/fuck/marry a vacuous DITZ?

Appearances change. Beauty fades. Sexual appetites wax and wane. If you can’t have a fulfilling conversation every day for rest of your life with that person, then what’s the POINT.

Recognizing the problem is the first step, Ludovic.
And we go for the hot babes over the nice girls, because they’re hot. We’re simple creatures. None of that whole psychological complication trying to explain why the girls like the bad boys. We just follow the lead of our own built-in dowsing rod, which overrides all rational thought. It sometimes takes us a lifetime to master it.
And one person puts themself when hs’e so annoyde that they cannot ytpe straight.

I used to “put” myself.

Grew hair on my palms.

Can’t a girl be hot AND nice? I know a lot of really beautiful girls who are also intelligent with lovely personalities.

I am surprised you can see your palms, but then maybe you didn’t “put” yourself enough.

I went blind, too.

Jenny, you see, guys fear that the hot AND nice girls will be the ones who will want us as “just good friends” :smiley: (I’m just being facetious, there …)

I find that personality makes girls more beautiful to me. I think my girlfriend is more beautiful than most supermodels, but she doesn’t agree with me, she thinks she’s average-below average.

YMMV, but the personality makes the girl.

Guys are assholes. They won’t ask out girls who’re slightly overweight or unattractive because they’re afraid what their mates will say. They may be friends with these girls, talk to them on the phone, exchange secrets and innermost thoughts, but they won’t be seen with them in public.

I married a “nice” girl… She was a hyper Christian, non-drinker, non-pretty much everything.

I’m slowly corrupting her. She’s a lot more fun now :wink:

Speak for yourself.

Speak for yourself, toots. :smiley: