Why can't Yahoo! remember me?

I’m addicted to Yahoo! pool, I’ll admit it. Anyhow, I’m still pretty much a beginner so I try to go directly to the URL http://games.yahoo.com/games/login2?page=pl&cat=beginner so I can commence the fun. When I log in I always click “remember me at this computer,” yet it seems like it never does. What’s going on?

Your cookies are either getting deleted or never put on your computer in the first place. Are you running any programs that block cookies? Is your explorer set to not accept cookies? Is something on your computer set to delete cookies?

I have something similar. When I go to “MyYahoo” it remembers my user/password. But when I got to “Yahoo Games”, it asks for user/password again, even though they are the same. I’m thinking that however the cookie is set up, it registers differently for the different sections of Yahoo?

Ooooh, maybe if we’re ever on at the same time, I can kick your ass, Big Kahuna Burger.

The handle there is cmcbride_1977 and I sometimes play during my lunch hour (12-1 central time zone) at work. I’m kinda sick of it right now, though.

What’s really creepy is that today at work, it kept automatically logging me into Yahoo as the guy who had my work computer before I did (8 months ago!!). I had to delete my cookies and restart my computer for it to finally log me out and allow me into Yahoo Games as myself!