Why Did I Suddenly Log Out Today?

It happened this morning, as I got the message that the boards were going down for maintenance.

Fortunately, I simply logged back in now. But it is kind of a hassle.

Is there anyway I could avoid this ever happening again?


That happened to me, too, and I was logged back in for a couple of hours and then I got logged out again, but now I’m back. Again.

This right here for me. (Using Pale Moon 24.3.2 on Windows 8.)

When the boards go down for maintenance, everyone is logged out. There’s nothing you do to prevent that.

I blame it on the newfangled vBulletin. Why can’t people leave well enough alone?

The current version of vBulletin is 5.0.5.

The SDMB version is 3.8.7.

I don’t believe this is true. I believe everyone was logged out because they upgraded the version of vBulletin and the new version uses a token to track user sessions that the old version didn’t have, requiring everyone to log in again.

Everyone had to change their password a couple months ago. Getting logged out this morning screwed me up royally. I had to recover my password through email. That’s what happens when I use something weird that I can’t remember. There’s a reason people use the same password everywhere.

This time I wrote the darn thing down and put it in my desk. I hate having a oddball password to remember special for a single web site.

Does that mean you didn’t change your compromised password everywhere else? If the hackers acquired your username/password combo, and you use that same combo elsewhere, then they may eventually get around to trying them on another site you use.

I have a different username on important stuff like Ebay and Amazon. aceplace is just for bulletin boards. I’ll go ahead and change the password on those too.

I’ve been logged out several times over the past day or so. And I do keep clicking the remember me box.

I, too have been logged out several times over the past couple of days. And last night it rejected the correct password three times before it let me in on the fourth time.

I write all my passwords on the bottom of my desk drawer. Can’t lose them unless the house burns down. Of course, then I’d have bigger problems.

Me, too. I even had it written down, but I couldn’t decipher it.

Wow, that is a tough one to crack!

I tried, I really tried, not to respond to to this post. I know I’m invisible but gosh darn it! Really? Have you never read any of my posts?

I have one upped you on that. I place my (written) passwords in a fireproof box. So if there were a house fire, I would just have the firemen collect my fireproof boxes, and I could log in at Fed Ex Kinkos or a library, if necessary:).

Glad to hear I’m not the only one having problems. I had to reset my password over the weekend because I couldn’t get logged in with the password I thought I had changed to after the SDMB got hacked. Then I had to login with the new password in Tapatalk, and now every time I get back into Tapatalk I have to log in again. (And there doesn’t seem to be a “Remember Me” option that I can find.)

I believe Tapatalk is a plugin to the vB system; when the system was upgraded all the plugins went away.

I don’t know the current status of Tapatalk. I’ll mention it to Jerry.