Why did the Doper cross the road?

Just wondering?

Cite that the Doper crossed the road? :dubious:

Because he was following another Doper. Only some have originality.

Because someone was *wrong *on the internet! (With apologies to XKCD.)

To get to the other cite.

To post on the other side.

Your premise is tragically flawed. If only you had attended the prestigious universities we have and hold the degrees we do, or perhaps possessed the remarkable IQ of our collective you would see the error in you ways.
As such we will deign to enlighten you; Dopers do not cross the road. We are never wrong and therefor do not need to consider crossing over in any sense. Perhaps in the future you will raise the level of THE DOPE.

Until then we will mock you mercilessly, you pathetic excuse for a sentient being, while at the same time lamenting your lack of ability to conceive our greatness.
Or as the great philosopher of our time said;

I’m better than you, nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo

I can dig it.

Post on through to the other side,
Post on through to the other side,
Post on through to the other side,


I tried to cross the road the other day, but there was this treadmill…

I yearn for the day when, yea, even your humblest doper may do as they wish without constantly having their motives questioned!

there was ignorance to fight on the other side.


To see why s/he wouldn’t want to be there.

To get some buckeyes.

We have a firm policy here of not answering homework questions.

Now, let me point out, your teacher doesn’t want a literal answer to this question. This is a classic thought experiment, and what your teacher wants is (very long detailed answer the OP can steal for homework assignment).

**Why did the Doper cross the road?

**To get to the guy selling it.

Was it a road of unusual size?


To get his daily supply.

To prove to the possum that it could be done.