Why I don't like SkipMagic

I am becoming something of an asshole, so I want to try to pit this issue in a conflict resolution mode. Wish me luck. This is going to work soooooo well.

Last fall I was very unpopular on this board because I was so openly abornmal and for all the bullshit about tolerance we have people are still apes. People were taking unprovoked shots at me all of the time both because of how weird I am/was and because other people were doing it. Last fall I couldn’t ask a factual question on GQ without someone making an unprovoked attack at least once a week. Skip was one of those people. I posted a thread that came across as racist because I worded it poorly. I meant to ask are the fanatical Islamists blaming the US for these attacks in this thread the same way they blamed the Jews for 9/11, and worded it poorly. My mistake. Rather than address the issue like an adult, he insulted me, made assumptions and asked me to email him as if I needed his forgiveness. My mistake for wording it poorly but considering how the US was blamed for upholding dictatorships all over the mideast, planting dictators all over the mideast, Israel was blamed for gulf war 1 & 2 and 9/11 I thought it was a legitimate question on whether this was happening. I should’ve worded it better.


In response to what I felt was cheap shot (he could’ve handled it better), Clothahump also took a cheap shot at me.


I have never insulted either of them before they took those shots at me. I find that pretty repugnant. I can understand insulting people who insult you first though, but not insulting people because it is popular, or because they are weird. I feel both of you are pretty low people and I wish you had the courage to insult people face to face instead. And clothahump, that means insulting people who are your equal in power. Don’t insult people as a cop, insult people who are bigger, smarter and tougher than you. Don’t go out and insult some kid in handcuffs, go out and insult someone who is a better martial artist than you are. Next time either of you or the 50+ people on this board who act like assholes feel the urge, why not go outside and insult strangers instead? Insult people who can fight back and hold you accountable, not people online or people who are unpopular. This method is very cowardly of you. I do not harass people unless I feel harassed first and I’d appreciate the same level of decency. For all Excalibres bullshit towards me I still do not harass gay people myself. I don’t harass gay people and I’d appreciate it if the gay people here wouldn’t harass those who have had to deal with a mental illness.

So I’d like to say that this board is 50% MIT, 50% junior high. I don’t like it at all sometimes. I have no desire to post anything personal or vulnerable on this board which is a good thing as I know it’ll be used as a weapon against me sooner or later. I admit to being extremely creepy and I am alot more mature and comfortable with that fact than I was 2 years ago, but the level of assholishness on this board is just too much for anything anymore.

I’m going to get the shit kicked out of me for this thread too I’m sure and I’m sure people will portray me as racist when I feel I was just being insulted by Skip because he came across to me as the type of person who attacks people when it is fashionable. The pit isn’t a good place to post but where else to go. If I posted this same thread now that I am somewhat less unpopular I doubt I would’ve gotten the same response. Perhaps I am racist, I don’t know. If I am I don’t mind having it pointed out by people who want to reform me, not by people who make assumptions and harass people because it is kosher. I dont like the guy. Him, Clotha, Guin, Davenport, Excalibre, Chefwide, John Carter, Czarcasm and about 50+ other people here. This board is just a total asshole magnet and I sometimes find myself very disappointed in this kind of people this board attracts. I still stay for the intelligent discussions, but this board attracts some total disappointments as people to it. I realize the decent people greatly outnumber the jerks here but it is still bothersome. But what other boards attract so many angry disgruntled people that they have to devote an entire board section to them? The jerks on this board bother me not so much because of this board, just because the people here are real people and I guess I’m still to naive to understand how many people I talk to daily are deep down insude as disgruntled and rude as the people here but just hide it. I actually find it kindof funny when people insult me here but a part of me wonders if the people I joke and talk with in real life aren’t exactly the same way as people like Skip or clothahump or excalibre but just hide it. I need better social skills so I can seperate wheat from chaff.

So yes I’m creepy, perverted, disgusting, odd, abnormal, unpopular, etc. I’m not happy about it but I’m pretty good at hiding it now, at least in real life. I am deeply sorry to myself that I was so naive that I posted personal info on this board. I’m more mature now and have better observation skills so that wouldn’t happen again. If you feel the urge to insult me for this thread, as I said go insult someone in real life instead. Insult your boss or someone smarter and stronger than you who is standing right next to you instead. Or maybe just learn to treat yourself and others with respect instead. That would be nice.

I really don’t want to be liked or anything or come across as a martyr, I just want to express my displeasure for the level of person this board attracts.

Again, I expect to be ripped to shreds by people whose handles I don’t even recognize for posting this. And I do feel most of this board consists of decent people. But it really is bothersome to know that people I am friendly with in real life could just be another clothahump, excalibre or davenport who just hides it until they are online. This board was a total wakeup call and I really appreciate it.

Uh, dude? I’ve never had any particular beef with you I don’t think, and I’m far from the most popular person on these boards, although I’ve been around as long as anyone. Still and all, I have no freaking clue what point you are trying to make here. Have you been drinking?

Just off the bat, and obviously I didn’t get to read the thread you refer to as it was closed by Skipmagic after just 10 minutes, it seems like a reasonable OP. But, I note that Skipmagic closed it, at least in part, on the grounds of your posting history. How much that should be taken into account when closing threads, I don’t know.

Regarding the type of people the board attracts, it’s really a cross-section of liberal educated society, in the main. So, you’ll always get a few posters who see red when they see your name. The way the boards are set up, and more generally the way online interaction works, enables people with a bit of tiem on their hands to “pursue” posters they don’t like, and sometmes if there’s more than one of them I guess it might seem like the Furies are after you. :slight_smile:

Worse advice to give is “relax”, but maybe you need to do that to avoid the ultimate sanction further down the line.

Both the threads you linked to are over 6 months old. Is there a reason this has been eating you up tonight?

I don’t intend to rip you to shreds. More like pat you on the head and say “there, there, don’t let the bullies get you down.” Have you posted some inane things? Sure. I remember verbally beating you over the head once in a nutrition thread, 'cause you could just not accept that starvation was not a healthy weight loss strategy. (At least I think it was you…) So what?

Are there some bullies on the board? Sure. But not only are they outnumbered by good folks, they themselves are good folks most of the time. Even Excalibre, who I find rankles me the most often of anyone in your list, is an entertaining and intelligent fella when he’s not feeling spunky.

Drink a big glass of water and take an advil before you go to bed, dear, or your hangover might kill you in the morning.

This closed thread might help to explain.

Whatever the merits of the other stuff you ramble on about here, the issue there is simple: you were knowingly breaking the rules and got called on it. Then you decided to make yourself look sillier.

Ah, thanks. I’d gotten bored with that thread and stopped reading it when no one nominated me. :smiley:

And yeah, I agree that was a pretty flagrant couple of board violations, there, Wesley Clark. It’s hard to take the moral high ground against jerks when you’re acting like one, too.

Well now that sucks. I sorta think of myself as grad schoolish liberal artsy, but MIT is way beyond me. Shit. Back to Jr. High.

Can I get back my 16 year old dick again? And maybe some stomach muscles?

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Skip calls a post of yours biased (which it was) and Clothahump makes fun of it while asking to be allowed to debate you, and it’s repugnant and cowardly. You list off half a dozen posters you don’t like as examples of the apes, jerks and assholes that the board is apparently filled with and that’s, what, a noble act of self-sacrifice?

All we have to judge each other by is our words. For all of the whining and excuses in your OP, you seem perfectly willing to judge other posters by what they post, yet you seem to expect a pass on what you write. Fuck that. If you can’t bear to hear negative reactions to the things you write, get a blog. Or don’t, but quit the crybaby martyr act already. Christ.

Ah. Well, that at least explains the timing, if nothing else. Still not sure what’s up your ass, though.

Jeeze, guy. If you post on a message board known to have a large userbase of very opinionated people, you really gotta expect to piss a few of them off if you’ve got anything to say. From my observations, both from lurking and during my trial run as a guest member, you pretty much have to have your A-game if you’re going to venture into the serious discussions here. Doesn’t really matter who you are, or what your credentials may be–there’s always going to be somebody that knows something you don’t, or that disagrees with your opinion. If you can defend your position with reasonably well articulated arguments, you’ll do fine. If all you got is knee-jerk reactions, you’ll get eaten alive. This board has a noticable liberal bias, but there are conservatives and moderates as well. There are a few total dipsticks on all ends of the political spectrum, and they get treated accordingly. Bottom line is to not take things on a message board too seriously.

I don’t have anything to add, but I did want to point out that this is the only time I’ve ever seen a list that included Clothahump, Guinastasia, and Excalibre. The three of them (or at least their online personas) are so very, very distinct that I’m honestly surprised that you feel the same behavior and attitudes from each.

Bingo. Joke 'em if they can’t take a… wait a minute.
BTW Oakminster, one druid to another, you are going to pony up the bucks to join, aren’t you?

Wesley Clark, I’m sure I’ve pissed off my fair share of people in the couple of months I’ve been here, and some have seriously annoyed the hell out of me, but it’s a quarter to 2 and I forgot where I was going with that. :confused:

Yup, I’ll cough up the cash before the guest period expires. Only real difficulty there is that my wallet lives in another room of the house, and I hafta remember to grab it so I can register.

This is typical of you, Wesley Clark. You say you’re in conflict resolution mode, and you end up rambling and finish your attempt at resolution by taking a broad swipe at everybody who is going to read what you say. That’s totally thoughtless. For better or worse, you don’t strike me as the type who thinks a lot before he hits the submit button. So you totally failed to stay on message here. (Hey, just like the real Wesley Clark!) I seem to remember that this isn’t the first time you’ve blamed everybody else for your problems, too, but I can’t think of a specific example.

Did you choose your user name? Was that not making a statement?

I’ve never seen Skip to be an asshole. I “pitted” Excalibre. I also don’t hold any grudges (anymore).

You need to do the same.

IIRC, you’re a rather young guy. Prone to bouts of “You don’t know me” and “You don’t know how it feels”. This is normal.

People who display strong political feelings online, will be met with the occasional “unprintable” statement sometimes.
More later.

I’m not surprised at all. He’s clearly not well, and probably truly can’t tell the difference between a Guin and a Clothahump. I think this thread should be closed and the mods should discuss whether this guy is mentally stable enough to be posting here, frankly, but that and a dollar won’t quite get me a cup of coffee anymore.

If you feel that everyone is just going to rip on you whenever they see that you’ve posted to a thread, I’d suggest you take a month or two off and ask the admins for a name change. Come back with a fresh start.

Oh, and if it seems that everyone is reading your posts wrong, then it’s logical to conclude that you’re not presenting yourself very clearly. Sometimes I’ll read my posts aloud to make sure they’re coherent (granted, not always). You are the common denomiator here. Besides, it’s way easier to fix yourself than it is to fix anyone else.

Am becoming? Was? You seem to have a problem with tenses.

That’s a good thing.

The only beef I have with you is that when you ask a question in a thread title you don’t end it with a question mark. I find that way more irritating than I probably should, but goddammit, use question marks!