Why the (my) love for long haired boys ?

Well, since childhood, I (straight female… or, well, straight/bi female) have always had a very strong attirance towards long haired boys.

As I like to question myself about everything, I tried to understand this.

I would like to have your opinion about it, about why women would have a crush on boys with long hair. (question might seem stupid, but, I’ve seen a similar kind of thread about asian girl fetish that men have, so, why would I not ask :stuck_out_tongue: ). Question to those who love them and those who don’t.

IMHO, for me it’s about sexual/gender ambiguity. I like boys who kind of look like girls and girls who kind of look like boys. So, I prefer boys with long hair, and girls with short hair.

I’m interested too in knowing any signification/symbolism given to long hair for men. I only know about it representing virility/force in the Samson and Dalila story, but that’s all. (and maybe I’ve read somewhere else that for some muslims it could have been, letting hair and beard grow, a good thing to do, don’t remember why…)

^ Long haired male. 26 yo. Thin. Available.

That is all.

I’m the same way with the gender ambiguity thing. I don’t know why I find that attractive, but I do.

I had hair well past my shoulders up until a month ago. But nobody would gender confuse me. I’m a bearded, hairy sum’bitch.

Of course, to add something germane to the conversation, I found that I did attract a certain type of girl when I had long hair. Most were a tad eccentric or had friends who were bugfuckin’ nuts. But it served its purpose.

I love long hair on a guy. I think it has to do with non-conformity for me. It’s part of an overall type that I like - sensitive poet/musician/geeky type guy. So Fabio - yuck. I’ve never been into the beefcake look at all. But Chris Cornell back in the early Soundgarden days? Oh yeah.

I like long(er) hair, but it’s got to suit the look. Hubby’s cropped shorter now (not shaved, but shortish), but he went without a haircut for over 6 months. He ended up with floppy, moppy hair curling around his collar and I loved it G But I don’t think he could carry off long, long hair.

I quite enjoy the gender ambiguity thing as well. I like feminine looking guys, and I like pretty girls, as well as the more masculine (short hair, strong features) girls.

I find the exotic look a huge turn-on. Long hair adds to that. It just floats my boat. Swoon!

Short/buzzed hair is a turn off because it reminds me of white supremacists. I’m not sure why my brain wants to make that connection, but it does. I think I might have had a run-in with one early in life; the memory of which I am now repressing. Also, a buzzed head feels prickly like a cactus. Un-fun to touch.

Then perhaps, I have a reason to live smirk

This and this.

Nuff said.

I like the kind of long hair on men that I would guess men like on women…very healthy, shiny, clean, thick.

To me, I think it goes straight to the evolutionary underpinnings of attraction, the ability to grown lots of healthy hair=good indicator of overall health=good genes to pass on to offspring and likelihood of living long enough to help with their rearing. Not that YOU are thinking that, but that is why you are predisposed to find some things attractive.

Add to that, what are our cultural images of long haired men? What archetypes do the evoke? Romance cover hero in sexy pirate shirt and boots. Hippie Dude. my favorite…Indian Brave (sigh…)

carlotta, married 11 years to my own personal Native American (who had to cut his long black shiny hair when he got laid off and had to find a job :mad: )


So as to not hijack the thread. Email me sometime about your husband having to cut his hair. This may be a legal issue.

My husband had long hair. He cut it for work. Sigh.

I like tall, thin guys with long hair. I think I just imprinted on that type from my first real crush. It also has computer geek/scifi nerd/martial arts guy associations for me, because the guys I know with long hair tend to be into all that. Oh, and goth. I like all those (types? qualities? brain not working).

Ooh… long hair… Theres something about it that just catches my attention. I’l add my vote to the gender ambiguity theory. I like my hair short, my guys hair long. Buzz cuts are no fun, they remind me of beard stubble. Who wants to run their fingers through beard stubble?

'Cause it’s damn sexy. I admit to liking all sorts of boys from bald to long-haired. In contrast to what others have said about gender ambiguity (since I tend to like my women femme and my men butch), I think long hair on certain guys makes them seem more masculine, not less, and that suits me just fine. As long as it’s well taken care of, long hair on men is very good indeed. I like my own hair short, and the contrast between me and a long-haired guy can be fun too.

Thank you everybody for your answers !

So it seems that gender ambiguity has a lot to do with it. But I think I will even find it nice on a masculine guy. However, I always turn back and look if I see some long hair around… Focus on the guy who has it and not a look for the friends he is with, usually :smiley:

I’m with Lissla Lisar too for the goths. Love that look. As maybe for the poet thing… But not for the computer geek thing. Here they are usually short haired and wearing glasses, I don’t like that so much (even if I wear glasses :rolleyes: )

And I find it so much pityful that guys have to cut their hair for jobs. I was sure some had to, and you confirmed that. Hopefully, where I work (library), it’s not like that and I happen to meet lots of long-haired boys. Too bad for my little heart !

Anyhow, lucky you for being with long hair boys !

Sage rat, ready to come to France ? :wink:

Hrmz. Welp, livin in Japan–but I must admit to generally being open to chatting with mysterious French ladies over email. :wink:

Shameless shameless shameless

I like it, too. I thought it might be media conditioning, because I grew up in the 80s, a time when there were beautiful androgynes everywhere.

I love feminine men with long hair, slim bodies, soft voices. Purrr.

I also take a second look at women who look like boys.

Well it’s up to you to write me first, because being a guest I can’t read your profile :frowning:

I really have nothing of value to add here - just wanted to say that it’s good to know there are women in the world with a thing for long-haired guys.

Actually, I have one question: is there any consensus as to whether tied back is good, or should long hair be allowed to flow freely, as God intended?

~ Isaac