Why was my MPSIMS spam parody thread deleted?

It had a double-entendre but nothing really dirty in it. What gives?

OK, the mods are working on it. It was just supposed to be funny. I apologize if I offended anyone. Thanks.

Mods seem to be having trouble working it out. Still no response.

What is the latest, Aeschines? I’ve been up all night.

And so, obviously, have the mods. Patience, grasshopper! This was obviously one hell of a double-entendre.

That was quite funny.

It look like I’m under investigation for making a bad chicken joke. Serious thoughtcrime.

Well, Aeschines, I saw the original post before it disappeared and I wondered if a hacker had somehow broken into your account. Only later did I realize it was a parody. I guess it hit the mark too well. Oh well, just put a little size=1 tag with the text “PS - This is a parody” at the bottom next time and us slow-on-the-uptake types will get it.

No troubles; it just wasn’t very high on the priority list. It’s been returned to the forum.

All this drama because of this?

Jesus Stilt-Walking Christ, no wonder it was down low on the priority list.

Might I inquire as to what the original concern was?

Fear of the board crashing from the number of “penis ensued” posts?

The mods just had a hard on for it, I guess.

Cock up.

Aye aye, sir!!

But I don’t want any spam innit!

At first glance it seemed like a non-parody spam post. While the puns were there, their presence (and general usage in regular, every day spam) didn’t exclude the possibility that the post was the creation of someone who hijacked your account and was trying to cause trouble. I took it out of sight until we could clear up that question.

Thank you. I actually write ads for a partial living, so perhaps I was successfully able to imitate the spam style? I’ll give myself a pat on the cock, I mean, back for that!

Aeschines, it was a dumb joke. It shouldn’t have been locked, but it probably isn’t a huge loss. I hope it is reopened just the same.

(I assume you’ve emailed the mods as opposed to just posting here, right?)

It was never locked; just moved out-of-sight for a bit. And then it was moved back.