Wild Predictions Thread

Predict anything. A celebrity death. A new sensational court case. A major sports team’s downward spiral or unlikely victory. A new invention. Whatever.

But here’s the catch, you must give a date by which your prediction must come true so we can check whether or not it comes true.

Let’s see how prophetic you are.

Mine: Following an investifgation into Pat Tillman’s death, it will be found that Tillman acted irresponsibly resulting in his death. It will be determined that a Captain in his company murdered Tillman to protect the lives of others. All will be acquitted of any wrong-doings. This will happen by December 31, 2008.

By December 31, 2099: planetary probes will have discovered aquifers of liquid water on Mars, Europa and at least one other outer moon- and to the astonishment and bewilderment of scientists, the water will turn out to be totally and completely sterile.

I predict that Cindy Sheehan will infiltrate the White House late one night in an attempt to seek vengeance. She will be dressed all in black, and be armed with a variety of ranged and melee weapons, some of them homemade. She will make it all the way to Bush’s bedroom, where after a suitable monologue, she will attack him with an electric hedge trimmer. Bush will manage to wrest one of her other weapons away from her and kill her with it, but not before sustaining a serious pruning. Unfortunately, this will forever conceal the fact that Cheney was behind it the entire time. I predict this will happen by the end of 2007.

I predict that the Hydrogen Cell vehicle will take America by storm. Those who invest in companies involved in the ownership and construction of Hydrogen refueling stations will become absurdly wealthy.

On the other hand, vintage automobiles will increase drastically in price.

Those who drive electric cars will still be viewed as dweebs.


Sorry… by 2009!

I will win the lottery this weekend and never have to work again.

Whew, I haven’t had a laugh like that in a long time.

When Barry Bonds surpasses Henry Aaron’s home run record, an angry fan will shoot Bonds while he is running the bases. Bonds will survive the attack, but will never play again.

Geddy Lee of Rush will be injured in an accident. The subsequent surgery will give him the vocal range of a normal human. He’ll sing things he could never reach before. 78% of Rush fans will angrily walk away, saying they preferred the tortured six-note range of the old Geddy.

Fred Thompson, having failed to get the Republican nomination for the presidency, will be the lead, badass villain in the next Batman movie.

At the Republican National Convention (Sept. 1-4, 2008, St. Paul, MN), the presidential nominee will announce his running mate: Dick Cheney.

A major Pirate attack will happen in American Waters by 2020.


By 2040, some country in Europe will have a Muslim majority population and will become an Islamic theocracy.

George Clooney will come out of the closet by the end of 2008.

I don’t understand why this seems to be an either-or proposition.

My death on February 18ish, 2047.

In the year 2000…

Peak oil is a crock and always has been in normal terms. Canada has at least as much oil as the Middle East in the Alberta Tar Sands and will easily become the richest country in the world per capita after Middle Eastern oil production begins to slow sharply. The U.S. will maintain close ties with Canada through all of this and the new found freedom from Middle Eastern Oil will allow the U.S. to brutalize the Middle East politically and economically if not militarily in the years that follow. Strong evidence will appear by 2018.

Ethanol isn’t the way to go. It’ll be a decent-to-good crutch to get to the next step in energy generation.

That next step will be electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Like always, it’ll take extra years to get the American car companies (if there are 3 left by then-one will be gone in roughly 5 years) to buy into it. History repeats themselves.