Will violent gay secular fascists impose their will on Christian America?

That’s what Newt Gingrich predicts:

So are the anti-Prop 8 protesters going to adopt the techniques of the anti-abortion extremists and start bombing churches and shooting religious figures?

Or is Newt batshit insane, or just firing the opening salvo in the 2012 primary?

It never ceases to amaze me the similarity of rhetoric between those who were pro-slavery or pro-segregation earlier in our countries history and those who are anti-homosexuality now.

The latter. They can read the 2004 results and compare with 2008 and certainly have observed that in 2008, even as the blue wave washed over the country, the antigay initiatives were *still *being passed by comfortable majorities.

It’s what they have left as an emotional energize-the-base issue.

Looks like he might be onto something:

2. (at about 53 seconds in)

Those majorities are getting less comfortable. Even if Prop 8 is upheld it won’t be long before another initiative repeals it. New York and Rhode Island are both good candidates for legalizing same-sex marriage through the legislative process rather than the judicial process. Didn’t something like 95% of Americans disapprove of inter-racial

And this man wants to be chairman of the RNC?!

Huh. When I was protesting against Prop 8 in support of gay rights, it was the Yes on 8 protesters that were the ones yelling, spitting, and throwing punches at people. Greenback and Sunrise in Sacramento was a scary place for anyone fighting for equality.

I find it fascinating that two men, or two women, who want to marry and live their lives in peace are said to be imposing their will on someone else.

I see:

  1. A woman being yelled at, and a bunch of folks waving signs.
  2. A video of activists being forcibly ejected from a church, with voiceover from newscasters approving of the use of force against the activists.
  3. A group of activists being disruptive of a church service via yelling and public displays of affection.

Where is the violence you’re seeing?

It’s inherent in the system.

He’s only half wrong. I have no doubt that this will turn violent in more than one place. I’m not saying the majority of pro SSMs will, but neither did Newt. We’ve had race riots, why not SSM riots? Of course, his appeal to religion is baffling. Why would it matter in America if it’s the opposite of Sunday school teachings? I laughed at the fact that he said “historical Christianity/Judaism/Islam”, as if there were such a thing, or as if it were relevant.

The question in the title of the OP used “will”. Will it happen in the future. I provided links to incidents that seem to support that might be likely. If the hate an vitriol are dialed up from here, violence is close behind. And look at that video with the old lady. She had a cross ripped out of her hands and trampled upon with people yelling in her face. And watch the whole thing. There’s a fat guy to the right that deserves a chainsaw in the mouth, and a guy toward the end that places a bent banner directly in and around her face as she tries to walk away. I’m not a lawyer, but I think that might actually be a crime, as was the ripping of the cross out of her hands and the destroying of her property.

Let me ask you a question about the church incident. Would the congregants have been justified in physically removing those from the church he were disrupting the service?

Don’t forget the buttrape. They are going to buttrape us all! YOU MARK MY WORDS!!

:dubious: I guess you see what you want to see.
I saw them smack her with at least one placard (I think more), mob her, then stamp on her cross.

Did you watch the whole thing? The altercation was at the very end of that video. It was hard to see what precisely happened to the woman, but she would have to have been jostled at the least. Her cross was yanked from her hands and trampled. The scene cut shortly after that and she was obviously not badly hurt or frightened since the interview at the beginning of the video was after the altercation.

OK, so she was jostled. Everyone in a crowd gets jostled. And I saw her go to the ground, but I didn’t see anyone pushing her: It’s just as possible that she did that herself. I didn’t see the cross she was holding at all in the video, but I’m willing to take the reporter’s word on that. Still, that’s at worst theft or vandalism, not violence.

It’s hard to have missed it: it was about three feet tall. You should watch the whole video. In terms of violence, it’s pretty tame: it doesn’t appear that anyone actually layed hands on her, they just knocked her tacky giant crucifix out of her hands and stepped on it. Still, it does cross a line.

Just to make it clear, you think those links provide evidence that a violent, gay, facsist movement is likely to take over the country in the future? Because that is what the OP is about.

Right. There was touching. Shouting, gesticulating, putting up signs, etc. is fine. Touching isn’t fine.

Damn it! This is why gay men should not party with lesbians: one of them spilled the beans to the lesbians, one of whom told Candace Gingrich, who told her brother. That’s the only way he could have learned our cunning little plan.

I don’t delude myself that the right wing won’t be back in power at some point (I can see a real see-sawing for the next couple of decades) but I think Newt is someone who knows that, to quote John Wood’s character in CONTACT, “Maybe you haven’t been dealt out of the game, but you’ve definitely been handed your hat” and he’s trying to rally the paranoid rightist base to promote himself and the party. He’s already become C-list and A-list isn’t going to happen again but he’s shooting for B-list, and this might give him the momentum to be RNC chairman.