Wilson sisters performing Stairway to Heaven!

I just saw this, great job!

They do a great version of Love, Reign O’er Me too.

I want to take Nancy Wilson to a guitar store & have her play Stairway!

And then I want to have her children.

Page looked like he was loving it, Plant was very stone faced except for a few smiles at the end. Wonder what he was thinking?

The Wilson sisters have a long history of covering Zep tunes.

Both their Best-of- and Greatest-Hits-Live collections include their cover of Rock And Roll. And their Black Dog knocked me for a spin.

Was pretty much that way during the whole segment of the show. Page and Jones getting into it, Plant kind of pensive with brightening by moments. Maybe a bit of a “welp, it’s official, we’re a historic artifact…”

wedgehed: Get in line. It goes back around three blocks and across the tracks.

He’s probably thinking, No fair! Page & I used to show nipple during this song!

I thought Robert Plant looked like he was fighting off tears.

I watched it and I was fighting off tears…and losing.

Heart is still killing it on the tour circuit, and that’s a great cover. I’ve been a fan since the early days and always thought that Annie Wilson had one of the best female rocker voices ever.

This was from precisely one year ago and I am pretty sure I lost the video of it.
Thanks for the repost.

Yeah, Czarcasm, I teared up as well. A really wonderful tribute to one of the most influential rock bands of all time.

And, Barracuda is still one heck of a song!

Was that Dave Grohl around 6:30?

How sick he is of that song? Page makes him keep doing it because he lovess it.

Heart was the last truly great girl rock band and it’s a damn shame.

I take it these are the Wilson sisters from Heart and not the ones from Wilson Phillips. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have they done When the Levee Breaks and Four Sticks? I think they’ve done everything else from IV, so they may as well release an album covering IV. I’ve personally seen them do Black Dog, Battle of Evermore, and Misty Mountain Hop, and I actually prefer their version of MMH to the original! Plant’s voice is, oddly enough, slightly too frail and subtle compared to Ann’s for that track which needs someone to just go all out all the time.

I think they did Battle of Evermore better than Zep would have done live considering they wouldn’t have had Sandy Denny, but with her backing, Zep’s studio take was better than Heart’s live version.