With friends like this...(long)

Sometimes I feel as if Sarah isn’t really my friend at all. She’s like a pit bull, friendly to begin with, but could viciously turn on you at any given time. One comment could end the friendship. She recently ended a friendship with a girl she’d known for over ten years. It was a trivial matter, but she blew it way out of proportion and decided she just couldn’t be friends with this girl anymore. She showed me the emails, and I can honestly say that she was vicious in her verbal attack on this girl. I have the distinct feeling that she talks behind my back and smiles to my face. That isn’t something I can tolerate.

Of course, if she wants her hair done she’s sweet and nice to me. If she wants me to buy her a drink or pay her cover charge, she’s sweet as pie. If winter’s coming on and Hunter needs some new stuff, it’s all smiles and laughs. Is she using me because of my generosity? I feel that way sometimes. Then I think I’m probably being overly sensitive about shit, but I don’t know. It’s evident that she looks down her nose at me because I don’t wear a chastity belt like she does. Her prudish nature is so offended by people who actually get out and meet people, date, or have sex. It’s ridiculous. I’ve known the girl for a year and a half and she’s only had sex three times the entire time. I’d imagine that’s part of the problem. Can you imagine not getting laid? I can’t.

Honestly, I don’t think Sarah will ever find a guy that meets her standards. She’s not exactly a prize, and her maniac kid doesn’t sweeten the deal one bit. Her teeth are rotting out of her head and her breath smells like poop most of the time. Her house looks like a tornado ripped through it full force. I’m talking maggots in the sink, a couch that smells like piss, filthy floors and tabletops, and bugs everywhere. It’s a goddamn cesspool. AJ tried to help her clean it up, but one week later it was as nasty as it had ever been.

The monster child grabbed Jenny’s boob the other night, and Sarah did nothing to stop him. Jenny was livid. She tried to talk to him and tell him that grabbing like that was inappropriate. Evidently the lecture didn’t go over too well, because half hour later he did it again. When he was at my house, he ripped the gutter off the side of my building. He’s only 4, but the way things are going, he’ll probably be in a juvenile home before he’s 15. I know that’s terrible to say, but you haven’t witnessed this child. Sarah does nothing to discipline him. Her idea of a punishment is to start counting. I’m not sure what number she’s counting to before she spanks him, but it must be pretty high because I’ve never seen her actually punish the boy.

I hate to say it, but I don’t trust her and I don’t really want her around anymore.

Is this the same girl that hit on your boyfriend while you were in the bathroom?

Your “friend” should team up with my “friend”. Together they’d make the ultimate … creation. Do all sorts of bad shit, talk about everyone else behind their back, and ack all forgiven and holy a day later. Without, y’know, acknowledging that they did anything reprehensible. At all.

And the true combination would place this … individual between SoVa and Indy, and thus a lovely, long distance away from each of us.

I’d drop her like a poisonous spider. If you decide not to totally drop her, at least put a stop to the hairdos, cover charges, drinks and anything else you pay for for her–give that money to a charity so it’ll go to someone who’ll appreciate it, or keep it and buy yourself something nice.

Oh, and make her pay you for anything her brat breaks, wrecks or destroys.

Anonymously call child services. Even a little monster doesn’t need to live in a house full of vermin, and maybe it will be a wake up call to your friend to re-evaluate the way she lives her life.

I can’t support this, since there isn’t any clear evidence of abuse. I think many people have no idea of just how much they are fucking with someone else’s life when they do this, and they are also usually over-estimating whatever effect it might have on the parent(s) involved.

I do agree with Kat, though, Indygrrl. Why keep this “friend”? It sounds to me you are letting her come around because you are nice. Fuck that. Friendship is a two-way street, and if you feel used, than you ARE. A person’s instincts are never wrong in situations like these, I’ve found. Ditch the bitch without further ado.

Lizard, you think it’s okay for this child to live in a filthy, maggot-infested house? Neglect is a form of abuse, and that is unacceptable to me. Child services can probably assist without necessarily having to take the child away…like parenting classes, and maybe just scaring this idiot enough to straighten up her act.