Women of the Dope, do you get any pleasure from missionary style sex.

Over in the thread about your terminally ill kid and sex, while talking about whether a 13 year old girl would enjoy sex Blackberry said:

I found that statement surprising because I LOVE the missionary position, it just hits me in all the right places. It is the most reliable position for me for getting an orgasm. I get that different people are different, but I was just wondering how common it is for a woman to get no pleasure from it… a woman who does get pleasure from sex generally that is. From sex with a man…
ok, guess I should define terms…

for the purposes of this thread the missionary position is:
sex between a man and a woman (one of each)
where the woman is on her back
the man is on top of her
his penis is in her vagina

did I leave anything out?

They are head-to-head. :wink:

(I think the alternative would be pretty uncomfortable, though.)

Most women I have gotten to know actualy prefer missionary. Most men I talk to prefer doggie style or standing on the edge of the bed with the womens legs up.

I like missionary, but it’s not my favourite. I do get pleasure out of it, certainly, but it’s not the most pleasurable.

My least favourite is being on top.

The best position for me is for the man to be sitting in an armless chair and for me to be straddling him while facing towards him. It gives the best control of what is rubbing where. And it’s great for the guy because he just has to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I get off more intensely from doggie-style, but I prefer missionary. Face-to-face is more intimate than face-to-mattress.

I’m not a woman, but who cares? Why is this a gender based poll? Missionary can be fun, and it can be dull. For men and women. Fun or boring. Stop fucking if it’s no fun. How is this difficult?

A lot of women don’t enjoy missionary? Really? Is this position for the man’s benefit only? If you say so. A lot of women do enjoy it, and a lot of men do, too. Not to the exclusion of all the other fun things that adults can do with each other in bed, but seriously?

I call shenanigans on this thread.

Pleasure, yes, because I enjoy sex of just about any variety.
ORGASM, no. There is a kind of fulfillment that doesn’t include orgasm that happens during sex, though, but really only in doggy-style. Which is why THAT’s my favorite :slight_smile:

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and I hope I don’t make a fool of myself, but I’m going to guess that the poster in the OP cares.

Also, I’m going to take another educated guess: the people that have responded so far probably care enough about the topic to either view the results of the poll, or to give their opinion or both.
Now, I admit, I could be completely wrong here, and some would say I’m taking a pretty extreme position, but that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

Why would a woman not enjoy missionary? It would be like asking guys do you enjoy penetrative sex?

Clitoral stimulation does not always happen with missionary position. Some women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

I orgasm best and multiple times when doing it missionary.
Plus, I like the eye contact during orgasms.

I also thoroughly enjoy the edge of the bed with my legs up position as well…

Yes, the no additional stimulation part. No using hands or vibrators or anything. That makes a huge difference. If the entire sexual encounter consisted of quick missionary style sex like that, which is how I would imagine it would usually be for two 13-year-olds (and, sigh, some men in their 20s), I sure wouldn’t get any enjoyment out of it. I like missionary a lot but only if there are other things going on.

Haha, that sounds to me like the worst possible way in the world to have an orgasm.

oh totally, clothes on legs wrapped around, body tossing so I end up on top, then whippeda round to missionary style again. then doggie style to finish the bz.

Are there any positions that are pleasurable with these limitations- no touching, no foreplay etc? Serious question, because I don’t think any would work for me under those conditions…

Yeah, no foreplay makes everything less fun.

Penetration alone works better in some positions than others. It’s hardly ever enough for me, but I hear quite a few women say it is for them in some positions like doggystyle.

A previous girlfriend and I solved this by doing doggie-style in front of a huge mirror I had.

I’m a guy and I have to say; this thread made my freaking day!

I love the MP, I’ve always felt so lame for that. I like the face to face thing along with the breathing and moans.

Also, I remember watching one of these science-y type shows on Discovery or something. On it they talked about a theory that the gift of language is partly due to missionary sex.

I’m not sure how widely accepted that theory is, but it sounds cool.

Yeah, you forgot:

in a big hurry
before the husband gets back from handing out copies of The Watchtower in Swahili