Sex poll: how do you do it? (warning: TMI)

It seems to me that each person has a preferred sexual position. I don’t particularly get the opportunity to experiment in this area, and I wondered what I may be missing out on.

So, I ask you, my fellow dopers, to educate / amuse / scare me, with your descriptions of what gets your rocks off.

For me: her on a table or worksurface, legs akimbo. This, sadly, rarely happens. When it does, it’s usually as a result of getting a bit too randy in the kitchen and ripping eachothers clothes off there and then. Mmm… impromptu rampant sex…

For her: missionary. She normally insists on it as it gives her the best orgasms. She keeps her legs quite close together, this seems to give a lot of sensation for both of us. For me, it’s good, but it’s hard work! It can be a bit like doing 200 pushups, although a little more fun.

Come on, don’t be shy… step into samarm’s thread, lie on the couch and reveal all… anonymity guarenteed!

(sigh) It wasn’t enough that we had to spend the last few days thinking about your erections?:wink:

For the purposes of the exercise I’ll stipulate heterosexual vanilla vaginal intercourse.

Given my druthers, I like to start with missionary, then I’m on my knees while she’s still on her back, and finish off from behind.

I can’t believe I just posted that and thought to myself “Well, at least that’s probably not too much information”.

2trew: wait till you see what’s in store for next week… I’ve got a theme going here!

You say you finish from behind, does she orgasm from that position? My GF doesn’t like it from behind, as she says it puts too much pressure inside her, and she can’t orgasm from that position.

I don’t much like it for two reasons. First, it’s not terribly stimulating… at all. Plus, my cervix gets poked (ow.). It’s distracting for either one of us to reach around and stimulate my clitoris. Secondly, for me (being unabashedly female, gah) sex is most often equally-or-more-so about emotional connection and intimacy, which you only get from face to face positions. Cuddly on-our-sides-with-him-behind can accomplish this, too. It’s always better face to face, though.
Personally, maybe I’m just boring, but I prefer the missionary position. It offers the widest range for (heh) improvisation and the most clitoral stimulation, especially when we get my small, battery operated friend involved. It also feels the most intimate. The position mentioned above, with him on his knees and me on my back is also highly favored, and me on top is tremendously fun for me, but um… I have no rhythm, so this usually only lasts for a little while before switching to something more effective for the both of us.
Mr. Armadillo and do I experiment and play and try different positions, but so far (after four years) the missionary is still my favorite.


I mean this in the nicest possible way, but it is very predictable that you will get all different answers here. Everyone is different.

One girlfriend liked to be on top.
Another liked to be on top, but leaning forward so our faces were close.
Another like strictly missionary
Another always came with doggy style.
Another had an oral fixation.
Another loved it sideways with a finger or two.
Another preferred my mouth clamped onto her breasts.
Another like fingers, missionary, and getting oral.

And so on.

I am not a slut. I was just – popular.

Mixie: yeah that’s pretty much the reasons why she doesn’t like it. She likes to be face to face, so we can kiss. For me, doggy style was something I alawys wanted to do (just like in the films), but for some women it’s a very impersonal position, and as you say some women find it positively uncomfortable.

We have tried once or twice with her on top, but I don’t really like it. I’m scared that she will slip and cause me an unmentionable injury to my manhood :eek:.


<< Another had an oral fixation. >>

I could use a little more of this. Blowjobs are few and far between for me. However, unlike some men, I don’t consider BJs to be the mind blowing experience that they are cracked up to be. Maybe she just doesn’t do it right?

<< Another loved it sideways with a finger or two. >>

Dare I ask: can you explain that a bit more? I make good use of the fingers during forplay, and find it very easy to make her orgasm using this method. I’ve never tried using both the penis and fingers at the same time… :confused:

<< Another preferred my mouth clamped onto her breasts. >>

Yep, my GF likes me to “tune the radio” during forplay, and I’m happy to oblige.

<< Another loved it sideways with a finger or two. >>

I should add that I have used the fingers to stimulate the clitoris, whilst penetrating the vagina, but I don’t actually insert the fingers as such.

I thought that was the point. Isn’t he looking for ideas?

That tends to be the way it works best for us.

That, too. Didn’t mention it because I thought we were just talking about the Big Show.


Mixie: Yes I’m talking about the Main Event, I’d rather not get too sidetacked with oral and forplay.

Also, I should say that gay guys are welcome to post. I’m here to be educated and enlightened as to all practices.

I sometimes wonder about this board. In the last week, if you were taking notes, you’d now have a list of large-breasted women who enjoy giving head and know that the OP is similar in some respects to the Energizer Bunny. Perhaps this ties in with the theme mentioned above.

samarm, my ex-wife (paperwork pending) used to find that the deeper penetration and various other factors, mostly psychological I expect, made it easier for her to have an orgasm when we were going at it in doggie style. Other women have had other preferences, as FranticMad pointed out. I just gave mine, as per the OP and my qualifiers.

I would like all the female dopers to know, however, that I’m extremely flexible about these things and will be happy to go along with whatever works for my partner.

If none of the female dopers care, I’d just like to let the rest of you know that I’m extremely… wait, this is a thread, not a personal ad. Sorry for the hijack.

I knew a guy once who had had the “unmentionable injury” you mentioned above, samarm. The medical accounts don’t do it justice, you have to hear somebody who’s been there talk about it.

Poor girlfriend :smiley:


2trew said:

<< I knew a guy once who had had the “unmentionable injury” you mentioned above, samarm. The medical accounts don’t do it justice, you have to hear somebody who’s been there talk about it. >>

It pains me just reading this! OUCH.

i’m female and i enoy it from behind (but i wouldn’t like to finish off like that)

i get a good stretch down my back… with my arse up like that…

its a comfortable postion…

i think men look good doing it - if you have a wall mirror to watch em in.

my nipples feel nice rubbing against the bedsheets

i like to watch my hair sway from the thrusts

it feels good for me from the inside…

and it’s easy to use my one hand to get to my clit

(blushes and quickly presses SUBMIT)

Like Mith, I’m blushing and will quickly press submit too. Heh.

My absolute favourite is to be entered from behind. Standing up, bent over some furniture, on my knees, lying on my side, or on my stomach. It gives deep penetration and makes me feel that my partner is in control and dominating me.

I don’t like being on top because I’m afraid I’ll move the wrong way and hurt my partner, but it feels so good it’s almost paralyzing, so I do it!

Missionary is boring, and I don’t want to stare into someone’s face while we’re going at it. I make a lot of noise and I feel embarrassed doing that right in someone’s face! Stop looking at me! lol Besides, kissing and tender looks can happen in foreplay, so we don’t need to lock eyes and look at each other lovingly while we’re going at it like wild animals!

Well, even in dirty, wild animal sex we like rough kisses and bites and such–hence the face to face thing. It’s not always warm-and-snuggly-tenderness sex. Besides, I like to see his face and watch his reactions to what I’m doing to him. Guy orgasm faces are the best :wink:


I agree with Mith completely…

but one of our favorites not so far mentioned is:

You start spooned and then he rolls us both over so we are laying on our backs with me on top. This allows for both his hands to be free for roaming and I get to control the penetration with how much I arch my back… it is actually much more fun/comfortable than it sounds. (We got our bedrame specifically because is has the handholds necessary to help with leverage and other things during sex.)


On my back, right hand firmly gripping erection.

Does that count?

He he… the classic porn pose - one hand on the hip.

We like doing this also. We’ve done it in nearly every room of the house, against all manner of household furniture. The only way she doesn’t like it is in the proper doggie fashion, with her on all fours.

I like to kiss and nibble at her ears whilst in missionary position. She really likes to look into my eyes, but I have to admit I sometimes get a little embarrased (silly I know!). When my GF orgasms she is LOUD. I sometimes have to kiss her full on the mouth to stifle the screams a little (she doesn’t mind this). I can only imagine what my face must look like during orgasms, but I can imagine it being quite a funny sight!

:slight_smile: yeah I suppose it counts!

i’m lazy, so i really like missionary, but with him holding my hands down (i tend to lose control and co-ordination and whack him around the face otherwise) and with my legs crossed high up on his back.

doggy is also good. especially with mirrors. the angle is very good for me.

i like being on top, but like i say i’m lazy.

my all-time favourite (and irishfella is with me here) is with him lying on his back and me lying face UP on him, kind of in a bridge position.
it’s a bit difficult to get into (from spoons works best) but once you’re there…Woo boy!

Irishgirl… thanks :slight_smile: You did a better job of describing that position than I did a couple posts up! Definately a favorite in our house.