Women: Would you reject a man solely for being 5'7"? BE HONEST!

…like if a guy around that height came up and asked you out. One of my major insecurities is my height. My expected adult height is unlikely to pass 5’7". :frowning:

The reason I ask is I have read some really depressing stories that men in this height range wrote. They said how almost every girl said that they could date if he was half a foot taller, even though they even admitted that his looks were a 10.

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I think you’re looking for a stereotype that doesn’t exist. All things being equal I would pick a man who was 5’7 over a man who was 6 feet tall. I am 5’3 and if they’re too tall I have to stand on a stool just to hug them. I prefer someone who is closer to my own height.

Tall or long?

I’m 5’5" and, while I ended up marrying a tall man, there was a 5’7" man that I would have married if he had wanted to. I have dated a guy who was 5’3".

I am 5’9" and while it would be unlikely that I would go out with someone who was 5’7", it wouldn’t be the ONLY consideration. One guy I dated was 5’7", we started as friends.

I will admit to a preference for taller men, but I am pretty tall for a woman.


That’s no shorter than the average women anywhere but the Netherlands and the Dinaric Alps.

Then again, I have heard 4’11" girls saying they don’t date guys under 6’ so…yeah…it seems like in the real world, most girls want a guy MUCH taller than them, and for some reason, the really tall guys like to go for the really short girls.

I’m with the majority. (Data point, FWIW: I’m 5’5".) While the actors I’ve crushed on do, for some reason, tend to be tall (like, 5’11" and up), in real life, the guys I’ve liked, been drawn to and loved most have all been in the 5’6" - 5’8" range.

But it hasn’t really had anything to do with their heights. Attraction-wise, I’m more of a face and eyes person than a body person. To use an amusement park metaphor, I would say my personal “you must be this tall to ride this attraction” sign–and, um, YIPE what an unfortunate turn of phrase–would probably be 5’4", but that’s my hang-up due to body shape issues. And even so, if the right guy showed up at the turnstile whose only “flaw” was that he didn’t meet that minimum? I’d ignore the so-called rules and let him slip inside anyway. :smiley: (Wow, there’s no way to make that metaphor any better. Better stop now.)

Know what girls really don’t like? Guys who are hung up on some perceived flaw in themselves, to the point where it makes them bitter and defensive.

I’m a woman who’s a B-cup (was an A-cup through college), and if I judged my potential dating success by hearing random dudes say how they need a girl with big tits, you’d think I’d have been totally out of luck. It doesn’t work like that, though.

I’m 5’9". I dated a couple guys who were 2-3" shorter than me, one of them for a few years. I’ve been attracted to more shorter men but they weren’t interested in me or the timing just didn’t work. I ended up marrying a guy who’s 6’3", though. At the time I started dating him, I thought I liked tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, skinny, pale, and I got just one of those, tall. Claiming you want something doesn’t mean that’s the only criteria that means anything.

My husband of 25+ years is 5’6". Does that answer your question satisfactorily?


I’m almost 5’11". Although I did end up marrying a man who’s taller than I am, I dated several guys who were shorter. The only one I had a problem with was the one who was so self-conscious about it that he broke up with me because standing next to me made him feel so insecure.

He would be my own height. And the answer is no. Like I said a few days ago, height does not matter to me.

My husband is 5’7". He’s hot.

A lot of people here are saying “no”, but the Dope is rarely an accurate source for how most of the world in reality is. So I am still not convinced.

So why did you bother asking here?

Personally, I am attracted to short men.

To see if at LEAST the Dope didn’t think that way. And maybe if you people had any advice on what to do with this insecurity.

I recall reading about a study years ago that indicated that women prefer taller men even when they say and apparently believe that they don’t care about height. For example, if you take an image of a man and photomanipulate it to change his height and ask women what they think of the man in the picture, the women will typically describe the taller images as looking more confident and successful even though it’s the same guy. This doesn’t seem to be a subject where people’s self-knowledge is very accurate.

I hear we only like men who graduated from MIT, as well.

In the other thread on this exact same topic, we found that most women were well under 5’9" and would be happy to date a guy who is taller than them, which is most guys. Including guys who are 5’7".

Do you have any specific “no way!” qualities for women? That’s fine, that’s normal, everyone has preferences. If you get passed over by someone who doesn’t like guys who are at the lower end of normal height, then that’s ok, that’s her right. You wouldn’t have been happy together so everybody wins!

I assume that’s meant as some sort of counterpoint but it makes little sense. “Graduated from MIT” isn’t a biological characteristic with millions of years of evolution behind it. Nor is there any evidence of that I’m sure, while there’s plenty of evidence that women prefer taller men.