Worst possible band names

“The Hitler Appreciation Society”

“Fuck all [insert racial epithet here]s”

“Slappy Jack’s Kazoopalooza”

“The Kitty Stompers”

“Pedophile Parade”

How about…

The Pimple Poppin’ Daddies!


They’re pretty good for what they do, actually.

Bursting onto the scene, practially oozing talent. Their pop music is breaking out among teens all over the nation. Critics suspect their popularity will come to a head with their new hit, “Look in the Mirror and See Me There.”

Of all the entries here, this one makes me laugh.

I wonder if Deep Purple would consider that a copyright infringement.

Man Boob Pasties Explosion?

I think I want that one…

The only band names that would be truly bad are anything really, genuinely offensive to any group that can take offense:

**The Nigger Lynchers

The Pedophiles

Jesus Can Fuck Himself

The Auschwitz Oven Operators**


The Drugs Are No Good, Kids, Band!

The Chant and Be Happy Hare Krishna Singers!

The Totally Rad Kick Butt Goths!

Now, a shameless plug for my favorite bluegrass band (real name), the F-Holes.

Something totally lacking imagination certain to cause you legal difficulties:

Foo Fighter
Ben Fold’s Five

Accordians On Parade

How about
Stand up, America!
The Young Patriots
The Even Newer Christie Minstrels

The California Raisins were a hit, but California Fresh Spinach might face an uphill battle.

Shaved Hog
Meat is Murderlicious
Rape Rack
Cocky Fisticuffs
The Stunt Cunts

Not a bad band name at all.

That weird kind of tickly feeling you get in the back of your throat after eating something really crunchy but a little sticky, you know like toast with peanut butter, when the peanut butter gets just a little runny if you put it on before you toast the bread, it feels almost like an itch that you could scratch if you could just move your tongue back the right way but you never seem to be able to reach it, and Fred.

There used to be a Spanish punk rock band called Maricruz Soriano y los que tocan el piano; Maricruz Soriano was in no way affiliated with the band; she was a TV newscaster who happened to have a degree in, you guessed it, piano.

One day they were in a car crash and their van was totaled. The technical term for this is Siniestro Total, which translated literally would mean “completely nasty”. That’s the name they’ve been working with for the last… ugh… more than 20 years! It certainly is a lot shorter than the first one.

A Band You’ve Never Heard Of (Until This Very Second)
Our Old Stuff Was Better
The Buttfishers
WTF and the OMGLOLs

I laughed way too hard at “Tools” and “Trout Fishing in America”.

high school band names:

The Nerds of Death


The Studmuffins
a real group that is actually really good:

The Negro Problem

Gentle Angst
Screecher and the Fluffy Lambs
While You’re Up
Angry Softness
Friendly Furry Friends