Worst Sports Uniform?

The Norwegian men’s curling team has got to be worth a mention.

No, those are the most awesome.

The Pittsburgh Steelers “throwback” uniform. You’re supposed to be the Steelers, not the Bumblebees.

The Norwegian men’s curling team was awesome! The pants were from a company called Loudmouth. I want to get a pair, but haven’t found a style I love yet.

I think the Singapore water polo team weren’t too happy with what they were asked to wear.

I just saw this thread and was going to mention that.

I remember those uniforms! They were great. I mean, yes, they looked garish and loud and tacky, but it was clear that that was exactly what the designers were going for. Those unis said, “Hey, we know the rest of the world thinks our sport is silly. So what? We’re embracing it!”

Yeah, I think it’s great that they don’t mind looking tacky. But there’s tacky, and there’s so tacky that Don Cherry wouldn’t wear it.

Tacky is tackier when you don’t know you’re tacky.

I think a “Franchise achievement award” is due to the Arizona Diamondbacks, who in just 24 seasons of play have sported some of the most gobsmackingly hideous uniforms to ever drape ballplayers in recent MLB history.

The jerseys in various European hockey leagues are almost like Nascar unis.
Certainly colorful!